“Hold on, I’m here. . .”

Suzan writes…


Fiyin sat at the edge of the concrete bench as he watched few pedestrians walking in and out of the movie theatre. He had been waiting there for over an hour hoping that in the next minute – she would show up anytime for now.

The cold was relentless;  it was the last week of November and everyone was extra careful about how dry they seemed every morning.

Their outfits were a lot more cozy and their lips were glossy. However,  few people who aren’t really self-conscious had their lips cracking due to low body maintenance.

The devil may care,right?

The harmattan was wild, the cold was relentless.

This night however, Fiyin felt the cold was a bit mild or perhaps he was too excited to worry about the cold.

As he chose his best outfit for the night, he was certain the cold wouldn’t be a problem.

Why is this?

Fiyin was having a first date with the girl of his dreams – Lade.

Her full name is Temilade but everyone calls her ‘Lade. She is the most beautiful girl in his “intro to philosophy” class.

Everyone had their eye on her. She is everything you could imagine a girl of your dreams could be. It was the biggest cliche of all times – convinced that a girl would be the perfect match for you, but Fiyin didn’t care. It took him exactly seven weeks,three days to walk up to her and ask her out on a date. Fiyin believed the gods, the hovering deities who gave and took young romance loves were with him.

‘Lade was sitting alone on a seat at a deserted lecture theatre which was coincidentally  few rows from where Fiyin was.

Fiyin stood up and walked up to her. Looking gorgeous as ever,she was skimming through her notebook.

“I hear you love movies ” Fiyin said almost immediately he got to her side.

She looked up and gave him a confusing stare.

“Excuse me?” She spoke.

Finally,  Fiyin thought.

“Movies.. I hear you like them. There is this new out in the cinemas. People are raving about it. They say it’s cool. Uhn…I believe it’s called “WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS””he said.

She shrugged,toyed with her pen and then smiled.

“Yeah,one of my crushes is in it. Err…Zac Efron” she said.

“I bet he is your crush. Everyone likes a cute guy.” Fiyin said with a little bit of humour – something he never knew he had in him.

‘Lade chuckled and said ” Well,I guess so ”

She was smiling at him, this was a green light, right? He could go on.

” Well,since your crush is part of the cast and he played the lead role if I might add.  I think it would be a good idea if you would go to the movies to see it with…me ” he said, calming himself internally.

Fiyin scolded himself, muttering to himself that that would be the lamest line he could have used.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” ‘Lade Asked, wondering who this guy was.

“Yes.. yeah” he said. He could read the expression on her face which was bold and clear – NO WAY IN HELL!!!

But surprisingly, she said “okay, I will meet you there 8pm tonight. ”

Again,Fiyin knew the hovering deities were with him.

Now it was 9:12pm. The cold was indeed relentless and Fiyin felt his faith waver.

Perhaps,  the gods weren’t with him;perhaps it was just beginners luck and he wouldn’t be the girl of his dream after all. He wished he could be like those pedestrians walking in and out of the movie theatre and not caring about self-maintenance.

He wished ironically that he couldn’t feel disappointed and the devil may care.

However,  he did care and he resolved into going back to his apartment to lick his sore wound.

But a familiar voice stopped him in his tracks saying,  “Hold on, I’m here. . .”

Perhaps,  the hovering deities that gave and  took young romance loves were with him after all.

-a short story written by me.

Suzan. Copyright.

Photo credit – instagram: Flyfashiondoll.




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