Suzan writes…

Photo credit:  Instagram user – _Salmat.

“Women I fear you o. There is nothing we can do to satisfy you.”

Here i was, waiting for a late evening lecture to begin and i was having a little chat with an acquittance. The issue of females who drive their own cars popped up. I was sharing my experience with my Mom with my friend. My mom – a woman i will always adore. She is one of those few women who wont let you cheat her especially because of her gender. She speaks up for herself whenever she feels “gender tension” is about to appear.

I will say i always enjoy riding  on the car with her while i watch her yell at any “overtaker” or “reckless driver”.

She would always say these words in Yoruba, “they always assume they can go away with anything because i am female. Well they are wrong.”

In some ways,  my mum is a feminist because she believes in gender equality.

After talking about my mum, the acquittance began to retell his tales – his understanding about women.

On the contrary to my opinion about strong women, he believes women are the same and that they all are naturally troublesome. I chuckled and I asked him why he said these. He told me he believes women shouldn’t be involved in some matters especially those matters that involves men, for instance a couple are in their car on their way to an event and another vehicle hits their car. He said at these situation, women are not allowed to talk because they will turn the whole scene upside down whereas men have this “cool” way of handling it that won’t involve screams and the likes.

Now, this could be true but any one – both male and female are entitled to their own opinion. Their own manner at which they handle crises. Females aren’t the only ones who screams and yell, males do too.

But just like my acquittance, there are a lot of men who have decidedly based women behavior on a single story, a single view, a single understanding.


Why is that?

Because the world will always have issues with women and their supposed “pattern” and behavior.

This isn’t true and should be changed.



Susan writes.



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