Suzan writes…

Photo no 1&3 credit – Author: ELLE SUE

Photo no 2 credit – instagram user:  @aniespixels.

Fear really is a sick asshole. It keeps you in a small box and pushes you to believe you cannot break through.

Screw it! Screw fear!

Well I  say you break through that box and burn it while you at it. I am a living proof of overcoming fear.

A year ago, I started my channel (ELLE SUE E-Books BBM CHANNEL). The craziest idea was to post stories on a bbm channel, but I need my words to get out there because that is the beauty of any gift – showcasing it to the world.

Thank goodness I didn’t give in to fear or failure. Yea, failure is bound to happen to anyone but it doesn’t mean its the endpoint. Infact, it should bring out the best in you and make you stronger.

Today is a milestone and will forever be a day I will never erase. This year might have been crazy but there are days that place smiles on my face. Beautiful memories.

Think of your milestones; big or small. There are very important.

Nothing beats good memories – not even fear.

Screw fear.




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