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“Thank God we don’t look like what we have been through.”

I read this words somewhere and I smiled. They were right, thank God we don’t look like what we have been through. I read biographies of successful men and women who have excelled in what they found their hands doing and I when I read about their early life, most of them usually come from humble beginnings; they always acknowledge the fact that growing up in that environment nurtured them to who they are but they also didn’t let that drag them down instead they saw it as a stepping stone.

Because I come from a place not well known doesn’t automatically mean I have got nothing original to offer. You see, those who understand the true meaning of excellence never give up on their dreams and always refuse to be called an underdog.


ABE- ILE, the title of this piece is a Yoruba word which is often pronounced as ABEELE. It basically is translated to ‘underground” but what it really means once its been referred to is “local” or “underdog”. People use this Yoruba word to describe something or someone who is half-baked, less experienced and often viewed as a “Local Champion”.


I for one would never fancy being called an underdog. I shouldn’t let my environment determine how far I should go in life because the truth is you can’t go far than the point you dreamt you’d be.


This isn’t an article that I need to write in big English grammar before you would catch my drift. Dreams are important, you need to establish your mind and believe in the possibility of the impossible. Only then can you understand the danger of being the “underdog”.

Don’t settle for less.


Yes, you are making it big in that little town of yours or even in that big city. Trust me someone else is out there making bigger plans than you could ever imagine. Don’t settle for your comfort zone.

I once read a book (PAPER TOWNS) and I absorbed this line which says;

“Your comfort zone is this big and there’s a a whole new bigger world waiting for you out there”


Yes, you grew up having nothing. That shouldn’t stop you from being someone great later on. Your environment, your background should be a stepping stone for you, not a stumbling block.


You could start from here; stop blaming your background and do something.


Lupita Nyongo put it simply and well while accepting her first academy award win when she said, ” …no matter where you’re from your dreams are valid.”


Β© Written by me.


Photo credits: Instagram users – Kunmi Owopetu and Ope Okunbor.

(The beautiful images were captured by brilliant Nigerian photographers at different locations in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria)



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