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Gone with the wind – A short story.

Nne watched the love of her life leave her. She wished she had the strength to fight for him, run after him and speak the words she had once rehearsed in her mind. To remind him of the good old days. When every obstacle had a solution. When nothing couldn’t be solved with a song or a smile or even a hug.


When there was a chance to learn more about how beautiful love really is.


But all she could do right now is watch; watch him walk away. The love was broken. The life they had created for themselves was fleeting. GONE WITH THE WIND.


She didn’t feel any guilt or heart break when she pulled the  trigger, the only fear she had was not saying those breakup lines out loud.

Nne remembered the look on his face, the evening before that day. In Nne’s small apartment at the private quaters provided for some of the Residents.

Nneka and Emenike were having their usual Friday dinner. She invited him over and prepared dinner so they could bond on how crazy the week had been for them at the University college hospital. They never had enough time like the rest of their colleagues outside the medical line;  but they both found a way to make things work.

Emenike, a young, quiet progressive man whose sole purpose for pursuing a medical career was to help people in pain, treat them and mostly try and make then feel alive even if they were on the brink of death. He was the sweet guy who captured Nne’s attention and they had been together since their undergraduate days.

Their love was a spark, they both seemed like the perfect match. A love even water can’t cease the fire of their never-ending flames from burning.

But the worst that could happen happened; when there was nothing left to explore, the human being’s curiosity took over and Emenike explained bitterly to Nne how sorry he felt after he cheated on her with a Co-ed.

“Nne, it was nothing. I couldn’t fight it. She was persistent.  It was nothing.  I swear.” He said, sitting beside Nne during the Friday dinner.


Nne looked across at his face and stared at her small living room and tried hard to control her breathing. She had this massive urge to hit him but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She had never hit anyone before. Nne’s throat felt dry and her chest felt heavy.

She stood up, picked her key and walked out of the house. She could hear Emenike’s blurry voice calling her and pleading with her to say something. She didn’t listen. She just needed some air.

She walked down the road and kept on walking until she found herself at an abandoned shed few kilometers from the school area. Places like these weren’t ideal spots for a lonely girl to be, not at this hour of the night but she sat down on a wooden dirty bench. The air was musty and cold.

She must have stayed there for an hour before she realised she hadn’t shed a tear. She felt numb and surprisingly calm for a woman whose lover just dropped the “I cheated” bombshell on her.

“Wow” she mumbled. She stared down at her blue-black painted toe nails and walked back to her apartment.  The light was off and the door seemed shut. Emenike must have locked the door with his  key and left.

Nne entered and went straight to bed. She slept soundly and even slept in. Luckily, it was on a Saturday – she was usually off-duty during the weekends. She went straight to her kitchen, cleared the untouched dishes from the previous night and made for herself a plateful of scrambled eggs and tea heavily mixed with powdered milk.

She ate as she watched a comedic show on the TV – something she had not done in a while. When she was done eating, Emenike walked in, looking hungover.

“Nne, please say something. Your silence is deafening. I feel like you’re plotting something bad against me. I’m so sorry to just throw away what we have”


Nne immediately laughed, folded her arms and said “plotting against you?”

“Well..yes” Emenike hesitantly said, looking confused.

“Emenike, do you always feel like everything has to be about you? If you’d been this way for a while then love must be really blind.”


“What are you saying Nne? I said I’m sorry”

“Well I don’t care. Last night, I had this crazy feeling to go to a bar and just get wasted, make silly and terrible mistakes just because my boyfriend told me he slept with another girl – You know those things that happens in a book. I wished I was crazy for you and I could do that. But I wasn’t. I sat at that shed and I felt “What am I even doing here?” You made a mistake, not me. I shouldn’t get hurt because of what you did.” Nne responded.


Emenike chuckled, staring at the woman he thought he had known so well for over five years now, he really thought she would be paralysed with betrayal and he would feel really bad and obligated to rescue her because this was his fault. However, Nne didnt care. She didnt care.

“You don’t care. You never cared about us Nne. After all these years” he said.

“Care? You were the love of my life. But that doesn’t mean my life belongs to you. You got curious and you slept with her. I might be hurt but your mistake, your action will never hold me down. I will never allow that. ” Nne said with undiluted confidence.

“I WAS the love of your life?” Emenike asked, his face flushed with surprise.

“Yeah, you haven’t figured that out yet? Or you want me to breakdown and hit and punch you before you get it?” Nne  scoffed and resumed the TV show that was on.

Feeling lightheaded and deeply confused, Emenike stared at Nne and concluded that what they had was gone. Their love was broken and his penitence was never going to be needed. So he walked out of her apartment and out of their lives forever.



A month later, Emenike got together with the unnamed Co-ed and Nne met someone else.  They led separate lives outside of their old lives and the once perfect-matched pair usually wondered if the incident was a mistake or actually heaven-sent.


Adapted from my collections of short stories.





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  1. Great write up. Awesome (She must have stayed there for an hour before she realized she hadn’t shed a tear). Super Awesome (Care? You were the love of my life. But that doesn’t mean my life belongs to you.)


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