Suzan writes…

(This post was written in my journal few hours to midnight of New year’s Eve… sitting down on a comfy leather chair in my Parents’ living room, sneezing profusely because the night was so cold and reading my words written by me for the whole year . . .)

Read On…

Right now, there are lots of thoughts churning in everyone’s mind. Constantly looking back at the three hundred and sixty five days spent in the year 2015. The common questions are usually based on how well we spent the whole year. Β The good memories, the bad ones, the crazy moments and of course the dull ones – those times we couldn’t get what we wanted because well, that’s how life is.


I know very well that #2015 wasn’t all I wanted it to be. Nevertheless, there were moments I wished I could hold on to because they reminded me of what true happiness really was.


#2015 is gone and never coming back… welcome #2016.


I am ready for a change, I hope you are because life is meant to be dynamic. With everything within me, I say,

“WELCOME 2016”


Photo credits – instagram users: @fabolousbanji



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