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This is the latest part of my revelation as a budding writer – capturing a story and narrating it with less than 200-300 words. I saw an epigram earlier this week and I am sure it has helped me through my anxiety.  My anxiety as someone who has so many things to write about but has difficulty with finding the appropriate diction to use. You want your writing to be perfect; interesting,captivating and deep and all you keep wondering is if you’d get the right inspiration. Its been a really exhausting process but these words gave me everything I needed,

Serious Writers write,inspired or not. Overtime they discover that routine is a better friend than inspiration.”

Here is my flash fiction project one. Enjoy!


*Winner laughed at herself as she slumped on the wooden chair placed by the window side inside the beautiful hotel room she walked into some minutes ago with a hundred miles and more separating her from anything she could call home and anyone she could call family.

The ride in the public transport was two hours and all through Winner kept pinching herself if it was real. If she was actually leaving Ibadan before her wedding weekend. She had never been the type with spontaneity but not having a plan at all was what she needed.

She hated travelling,but she just had to get away. She was certain her life was choking her tiny lungs and it was becoming hard to breathe.

She had read once that life is what you make it, so she decided to create a new life for herself in a new city, a new world. Away from her vengeful future mother-in-law, her demanding step-father, her soulless career and a threatening health issue.

The view from the window created the mirage she wanted and all of a sudden she was walking across the street in her new world and smiling at complete naive strangers who were all figuring out their next fate.

The heartbreaking truth was that she was similar to them at that very moment. **


Photo credit: Kunmi Owopetu.

Location: Southwest, Nigeria.


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