Suzan writes…

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Hello! Amazing month for me as far as my creative instinct is concerned. Flash fiction has been amazing and truthfully I have been learning a lot. With fewer words, I can still paint a picture. Enjoy more from my flash fiction project. Here is the second!Β 

The old man’s departure left a tremble in the room as he slammed the door. Tomiwa dropped his grey crossbar on the desk and sighed heavily. His eyes sparkled as he sighted the resources he had been searching for. He had just eight hours to ransack the room filled with old newspapers and journals from the nineties.

He thanked his stars for meeting the owner of this Bookstore.

Everything in there was enough to build an evidence or two and prove that he was right all along.

Tom was an intern working as an assistant columnist in a leading political magazine. He heard about the recent scandalous story about a certain political young man Mayowa Martins, who had lived during the late nineties. He was said to have allegedly murdered his wife Ariyike Martins, whom a lot of witnesses,family friends and well wishers said he loved very dearly. The evidences were found against him and he was charged guilty shortly after but that day he was found dangling on a rope in his bedroom.

Now, that was a normal story that shouldn’t garner a lot of attention – a young, rich and political man who commited suicide to soften the pain of his tragic ending.

But the most surprising thing happened. Few days ago,the police announced that the Ariyike had been alive all along.

This was a story with cunning edges and filled with tacky back story. Even after Tomiwa’s boss told him to give up on the stale story, he refused and decided to unravel the mysterious tale by himself.

Why would the whole world believe the young wealthy man killed his wife?

How come he committed suicide even when he knows he was innocent?

And the most confusing question of all, how is the wife alive and hadn’t be found all these years until now?

Tom was all aboard on finding out the truth and he planned on using the old evidences and reports he was hoping he would discover in the room to begin his private investigation.

When questioned by the old man, the owner of the Bookstore why he was so obsessed with the story of the dead young man.

Tom simply answered, “Because he was father.”



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