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The way I figured it, we all have a taste,different from the person sitting next to you.
We have separate things each of us count as fun, acceptable and right. Once it’s your decision, it’s really not up to anyone to give you a smug look on how you should handle you thing.
Most especially how you should look.
Beauty, fashion and trends are the norms these days. Everyone is talking about this new hair style, a new designer shoes or a beauty trend.
And as far as young ladies are concerned, these sort of things matter.
We believe in something so much, we go for it. Thus, the #naturalhair movement.
Now, some see it as a short-lived trend that would soon fade away. However, there is more to this movement than just hair!
Hair is an important part of a person’s self image. It needs to be groomed and maintained.


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Like I said, we are different. So is our hair and the way each hair should be handled is entirely unique. Am I right?
So why should there be a stereotype to hair? A single pattern to what the society deems “suitable”?
Why should some hair types be seen as trendy and the rest…shabby?
Oh! Your hair is straight, I like it!”
“Yours is curly, looks fabulous! “
But Alas!
Uhm, why is your hair thick and kinda rough?
“Is that your natural hair?”
“Why don’t you cover it up with a weave or something?”
“Is your haircut a cultural or political thing?”
For goodness sake, does everything we do has to come with a reason such as politics?
A reason such as it has to be acceptable by the rest of the world as the right way.
We are all social beings, we live in a world filled with colorful people, beautiful cultures.
Once a culture, or a movement is seen as “different” . There is a way people can make those who follow such seem “odd”.
Its everywhere too, here in Nigeria where I live. We are blinded by trends that we have forgotten that sometimes less is more.
You see someone wearing her natural hair with pride and confidence; soon there will be questions asked about, “Isn’t it painful?”
“How are you coping?”
“You look unkept!”
Or a lady who decides to transition or go for a big chop. Now, that’s even worse.
How could you?” – funny! Like they own you.
“Is this a thing now?”
“You look so odd!”
The comments can be really funny and ridiculous.  Trust me, I’ve been there.
Someone would ask, do these snarky remarks bother me?
No, I wasn’t bothered at all because it. was something I wanted to do. The decision to go natural was my decision.
I was not pushed, neither was I coerced. I was certain and determined to pull it off.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone has a tough skin to wade through other people’s opinion about how they look.
Insecurity is real!

My point is whatever it is you want to go for, a relaxed hair, a natural hair.  Make sure it is your decision.It is your choice, the least you can do is to own it.
Self-confidence is very important and I am sure that is why the #naturalhair movement is getting stronger day after day. It’s teaching women to love their natural look.
Now, that is priceless!
That’s it on another post on Sue’s diary!
Check back for more.

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  1. I can so relate with this, when I did my big chop, people we’re asking stupid questions, why did you cut your hair?. Do you like it? I’ll do something am not comfortable with… the most painful one is when am rocking my natural hair and someone ask if I don’t have money to make my hair.
    People need to chill and let others express theirself in their own unique way

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