Absurd isn’t it?
The whole story began six months ago, after Lara returned from Baltimore. She had just ended her Masters program in public Relations and she was invited to a small “welcome home party”.
Few of her colleagues in Abuja organised the whole thing. Even though she wasn’t in the mood for a get-together, she reluctantly agreed and pretended to have a nice time.
Her best friend, ‘Morin had told her a week ago through Skype about this young man she had just met at their mutual friend’s wedding.
“His name is David.We clicked immediately,  he is very funny and really loveable. I can’t wait for you to meet him.” Morin gushed.
‘Lara raised her eyebrow and scoffed.
“Why should I meet him? You are into him not me?” She said.
But ‘Morin who easily felt offended by this replied, “because I want him to meet my best friend. Is that a bad thing?”
” Oh come on! Okay fine, if that’s what you want. Besides you threw this party for me. The least I can do is go to dinner with you.” ‘Lara said quickly and two weeks later, she was at a restaurant with the love struck idiots!
The restaurant was half-filled and the waiters walked briskly around, trying to attend to everybody as fast as possible.
The three of them were seated at a booth near the wall. ‘Lara was opposite ‘Morin and her new found love and she couldn’t be more bored.
She was surprised at the manner of their “closeness”.  They had just met in a short period of time however their manner of public display of affection was despicable.
They held hands,kissed freely and finished each other’s sentences.  In other words, they became the annoying set of couples ‘Lara disliked; people that had to satisfy each other’s wants because they felt they owed it to themselves – all in the name of love.
Love, it has always been a touchy subject for ‘Lara. She had not been lucky when it came to making the right choices with men; most of the ugly situations ended up being her fault.
She hadn’t come to see reasons why she had to be with someone forever!
“Omolara! Did you hear me?” ‘Morin said,jolting her back to reality.
“Sorry” She said sheepishly.
‘Morin smirked at her and began talking about her recent gig. As an event planner, she was always getting different emails from the company she worked for. She planned the catering aspect of events and ‘Morin was good at her job. So much so that her recent gig was according to her a “stepping stone into meeting important clients”.
“Wow, that’s impressive ‘Morin. What is the event all about?” ‘Lara asked, sipping her drink.
“Its a career conference. You know a serious and organized event and my team and I got hired to provide all they’d need as far as catering service is concerned. Isn’t it great?” She squealed, looking away from ‘Lara and starring at David.
“Of course. You are killing it girl!” He said, squeezing her cheeks playfully.
“Thanks dear” ‘Morin replied, holding his hand and looking straight at ‘Lara.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” ‘Lara quickly asked, raising her eyebrow. She knew ‘Morin needed a favour whenever she made a face like that.
“Would you please come? The two of you. I need the people I care about to be there.” She said.
“Hey don’t you think we’d be distracting you?” ‘Lara added quickly.
“No, on the contrary you both would help calm my nerves. Events can be frustrating at times plus I really need to impress my new boss. I need a raise in my salary ASAP!” She said, caressing her faux locs.
‘LARA chuckled to herself, always count on ‘Morin to make things all about herself alone. She really didn’t feel it was necessary to have friends or “lover” at a formal occasion, especially if ‘Morin was truly trying to impress her new boss.
However, she had known ‘Morin for a total of six years since they were both freshmen in the University. Telling ‘Morin not to have her way is like taking candy from a baby- there’d be so much screams and nag.
So ‘Lara responded with the same sentence she had always used whenever she was needed by her dear friend.
“Whatever you want ‘Morin” She said, pulling out her credit card to pay the waiter who was standing across their table with a crisp clean monochrome uniform.
“Oh no! I couldn’t possibly accept that..Please you are our guest, I should settle the bill.”
‘Lara looked up to see David handing the waiter his credit card instead. She had forgotten he was even there. He had been quiet all through, starring at the two women he was with like a good anchorman.
“Okay…fine. Thank you for dinner then.” ‘Lara said sheepishly,  avoiding David’s gaze.
“Oh David, you would have to forgive ‘Lara. She does that all the time, taking care of everybody. She is awesome, don’t you think?” ‘Morin said absent mindefly, starring ineptly at ‘Lara but concentrating on David.
‘Lara smiled and looked away. Then something crazy happened. Something unusual.
‘Lara slowly turned to take a sneak peek at David, that was the first time she actually noticed his face since the beginning of the dinner.
He had a narrow nose, fitted perfectly on his impeccable face. He was smiling at ‘Morin, holding her hands delicately as if his life depended on it.
The both of them said little to each other that evening even though the dinner was about them meeting fornthe first time.
‘Lara hugged her best friend and shook hands with David without looking straight his eyes.
“See you at the conference” He said to ‘Lara before letting go of her hands. He was smirking, with his other hand in his pocket.
She let out a mumble, walked towards her car wishing she never came for the dinner.
‘Lara drove home and kept thinking about David. He seemed harmless and ‘Morin was indeed crazy about him. However, she could not shake off the feeling that something strange was about to begin.
Alas! Six months after, as ‘Lara stared at the documents Bimpe placed on her desk ,she wished she never went to the career conference.

-Written by Susannah Omohunola Ajiboye.



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