A letter filled with tales of vulnerability.

SUZAN writes…


I’ve always wanted to talk about this – vulnerability. It matters to me what and who I am exposed to, and by exposed I literally don’t mean a nuke or a bomb (sorry, binge-watching “24 hours” is really getting to me). I am referring to my chance of being emotionally attached.
Vulnerability is not a matter of choice. As much as we’d want to twist words, let’s just call a spade a spade. Sometimes things just happen… people happen and we get caught up in the shackles of emotional cobwebs (excuse the expression).


It can be hard to admit that situations and people do get to us.
It is not a crime to get attached and for a brief moment all could seem transparent, as though the world can see right through you. To be vulnerable, it can occur in different instances.
Vulnerability is getting pressured, feeling pressured directly or indirectly by humans. Now, humans come in different sizes and shapes and basically with different mind sets. There are those who would feel insecure about themselves and turn to blame the world for their shortcomings and hurt people in the process; the English word for them is Bully. Bullies are everywhere, in all age groups (you’d be surprised.)
If your kid or a friend or someone close to you or (what the heck!) even you feels vulnerable to being bullied, they might be a victim but let them know they’re not alone. You are not alone.
Vulnerability is a human behavior. It can happen to anyone. Make no mistake to conclude only females can be vulnerable. I am a human being; a home sapiens before I was identified as a female. So whatever I can feel emotionally or physically, so can anyone.
You don’t need to link masculinity with vulnerability.
Digression – Dudes cry at the end of romantic movies too, don’t be like “Oh! you’re such a girl!”
We can house our feelings and bottle them up into huge balls of aggression but only because the fear of getting exposed gets to you too, which in turn makes you vulnerable … makes you human.
Its July of 2016, quit linking vulnerability with gender.
These are my thoughts, let’s read yours.

All photos uploaded unless specified otherwise aren’t mine; I take no credit for them except my writings.Β 



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