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This is for those who think my blog deserves a recognition.  Because of you and the readers I am making this blog post to acknowledge your nominations. Thank you very much to Funke olotu of and Missgrace of
Who represent the future of literary bloggers in Nigeria, they may not know it yet but the sky is not their limits but their starting points.
I understand I have to write about what my blog is about, so let’s do a quick run through that. is a literary blog dedicated to exploring African contemporary literature, enhancing the beauty of Nigeria through pictures by leading photographers, and a personal space of @blackprowriter to talk about issues at hand and artistic events and location.
I started the blog when I wanted a personal yet public space to pour my feelings, as a budding writer in Nigeria I don’t get to have a lot of opportunities. This is coming from a lady who daydreams everyday of an apartment filled with bookshelves, engrossed with the magic embedded in books and literature and trying out visual storytelling  so as to be able document her beautiful artistic country with a camera.
To anyone who wishes to venture into the strenuous yet fulfilling work called blogging, always start with your passion and consistency. It might not be fresh and adequate at the beginning but nothing good comes easy. Dream big and start small.
Deserving blog worth nominating by me are

Thank you.



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  1. Love this post.
    I’m still new here. And for a while I thought literary blogs in Nigeria do not get any recognition at all. Glad I found this post.
    Check out my blog at

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