(POETRY) – And you say I’m the weird one?


“A poem from someone who never thinks she is good at poetry but just wants to write and keep writing because of the peace she finds in writing.” – Blackprowriter.

And you say I’m the weird one?

I sit on my bed, laughing
Replaying my yesterday’s memories
Saying to myself, well done; that wasn’t right; you can live more.
Many things going on in my head
And I play them in a loop
Sometimes saying them out loud
Yelping and screaming at any point
Not caring where I am or who is watching me, only because I know I can.


I adjust my thoughts and discard the bad and ugly, telling myself
You can do better, you can do right.
I sit quietly in that armchair but my mind is a constant roller coaster
Churning and moving, birthing new ideas and new plans.

While you, trolls of creative minds
Run and jump all day, doing nothing but talk and talk
About the souls who dare to take, who dare to get things done
No observation of the walls around you
Living without embracing your flaws
Existing without actually living.
Reliving the same day over and over again
Creating nothing new,
never quiet, never listening
Always getting it wrong, never learning it right.
… and you say I’m the weird one?

Photos//Susanah Omohunola Ajiboye.


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