SUZAN asks…
Curiosity is a special tool.


Questions I would like to ask today. I would love to read responses from you, my readers.
Is it justifiable to hit your child in the view that you’re teaching him a lesson?
I grew up in the southwestern region of Nigeria and being beaten is one of the “tools” of child upbringing.
In some ways I could say it helped because you realize as a kid that when you do something wrong  you’re going to be disciplined; either with light scolding or heavy beating.
But then I grew up and I realize how scary it was for me. Beating a child sometimes (most times) instills fear, panic and sometimes anger towards the parents.
However way we see it; good or bad, useful or unnecessary, what is your preference?
Would you be the same version of your parents when you eventually have your own children?
Would you want your kids to fear or respect you?
What are your views towards this system of “not sparing the rod” – in the literal sense?
Do you cringe when you hear a child crying around you after being beaten? (because I do)
Do you sometimes hope you could raise your kids without ever having to lay your hands on them?
This is one of those posts where you would love to hear your audience’s opinion. Comments!!!!
Have a lovely week.


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