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Model // @Lohladeh
Photography // @blackprowriter

Take this from someone who grew up here, Osogbo can be very boring. It is a capital town of Osun State in the Southwestern region of Nigeria. A small town with few major infrastructural facilities, less recreational centres and filled with a lot of residents and indigenes living off as civil servants. Those who aren’t are either large-scale wholesalers or small-scale retailers. I am not even going to mention how bad the economy has affected the State as a whole(that’s a debate for another day).



However, we still need to focus on the bright side. Afterall, every state in Nigeria has its issues but still life goes on.
This statement brought about this project, exploring the little things in the town called Osogbo. I grew up here and I most admit I had never thought I would bring myself to doing this – writing bout the little beauty of this town. As plain as it may seem, Osogbo still got its shine and this is the main theme of my next project.


I have been looking to the outside world admiring what the outside world has got to offer but it’s time I focused on the little I’ve got around me right now me work it up!
For the next few weeks, I am going to be blogging about Osogbo;
•its beauty
•its perks
•its people
•its streets
•its scenery
•it’s culture
•its Arts
Do tag along in this self-discovery ride because I would make it as interesting and artsy as I can for you my readers. For most parts, this is actually  personal experience for me; a passion project and most of the locations are places I will be visiting for the first time.
Anticipate! I know alot of you don’t know much about Osogbo (even those living in Nigeria) so this is a project dedicated to that.Tell your friends about it, Share this post, reblog and retweet. Osogbo is coming to you live on Suzanwrites!!!
I can’t wait!
Changing things up but I still remain yours truly…
Model// @lohladeh.
Photography // @blackprowriter.



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