SUZAN writes…


Life can be a conniving piece of crap! And it can also be a fairy tale. Either way, no one is allowed to choose most of the time. Whatever life brings yo your table. You just got to deal with it.
I met a lady who mentioned once how confusing it was for her choosing a future career. She was fifteen once and herΒ  perspective towards her future had a rather short horizon.


She must either be in the medical line or be poor, nothing else mattered. Not even her love for writing.
Alas! The teenager grew up and now she has seen the world in a different light. She is beginning to wonder if she can be able to offer the outside world something different.
The fear of failure is a big thing that needs to be vanquished in the minds of many youths, especially in Nigeria.Β  It is eating deep into our souls and the fatigue that comes with it is so sickening.
She has been through the dark tunnel and has come out from the other side saying she would rather choose a path she loves. A path that she can find solace in no matter how long it takes yo walk through it, because nothing beats being paid, recognised and honoured for doing something you’re passionate about.
To her, it is the best way anyone can punch life in the face when it offers you crap!


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