SUZAN writes…
Thanks to the movie adaptation of “Half of a yellow sun”, it doesn’t go without saying that African literatures are quite stellar when adapted into movies.
Fictional novels are good, no they are fantastic!

This is one statement every nerd will agree on. Focusing on African literature, I call it gold. Not that every other literature isn’t solid but I have been reading few African literature recently and I have to say they have not been getting enough recognition as they should. They get awards and all but who cares, right? Authors get the awards. What about the millions of readers who actually can’t get over those fictional characters they’ve created? They need a place to vent and share their theories and love for these books. Therefore a Fandom!
Taking Nigerians as example, many people still think Nigerians don’t read anymore. This isn’t true!
However, the fandom of popular or great African literature aren’t huge compared to other continents, USA for example. The random over there is insane and you can see it everywhere on social media. They promote books and talk about characters as though they are real. We have people like that here too but the number of people who will show up at a book fair isn’t the same number of people who will show up at a music fair. There are just enough people or not enough platform for book lovers to actually meet and “geek out”.

Photo credit - Zaynabtyty from Instagram.

So many great novels have been either deeply or loosely adapted into movies and TV series. Pride and prejudice, room, the fault in our stars, game of thrones series, Harry Potter series,  the hunger games, gone girl and so many more. Seriously I can’t begin to write them all.
However very few African novels make this list. Why?
Is it that the materials are not good enough to be adapted on screen or they aren’t good actors to play out characters from novels? I don’t believe these are the problems. They are talented filmmakers and actors in the industry that are up to the task.
So what is the problem exactly?
I honestly have no idea. But I just think it would be really good to see some beautiful books brought to live on the big screen and even in the small screen.
I am a big lover of both movies and books so this would work just fine for me. Even though some movies don’t meet up to the imagination of readers,  still let the nerds be the judge of that.
It is very important and very rewarding to celebrate our achievement as a nation and also as a continent.
Let the rest of the world know we appreciate talents of our native born writers. It would be a perfect medium for needs and movie lovers to unite and create fandom for books and movies we  love.
Speaking of, what novels would you love to be adapted into movies?
Mine would be
•Purple hibiscus (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) – because I would love to see Father Amadi being played by a cute young actor.
•Blackass (A. Igoni Barrett) – I mean, at this point it would just be a cosmic joke not to see such incredible book brought to life.
•Home going (Yaa Gyasi) – It would literally be one of the best critically acclaimed movie in the history (if well adapted). Read the book, you’ll know what I mean!

And so much more. I would love to read your chosen books too down below in the comment section. What books really deserve adaptations?
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