SUZAN writes…

A lot has happened this year, so many I couldn’t control. 2016 came with it’s drama and rubbed it all over my face. To tell you the truth I still don’t understand how I am still holding up.
On the eleventh month of this year, school is one a part of my life that has been dragged and tossed like a dirty rag because two leaders can’t seem to find a way to handle the states’ finances.
So it is starting to seem like a single semester will be dragged for a whole year!
We need a reckoning, we need answers.

But I am still here because despite everything, I can’t give up.
I just can’t.
Something keeps me going even when I lay in bed at night. Spinning in my head is my voice of reasoning telling me I can’t afford to give up on myself.
Everyone needs a push, everyone needs a win.

“One good thing” is a post dedicated to all of us who have been dragged, tossed aside, disappointed, trailed, deceived and stalled.
Toughness is needed when every fibre of your being is holding you back, talking you to quit.
Still you see the finish line and smile at your impending victory because you can’t afford to live a lifetime without fulfilling your dream.
Someone asked me today what I want to do for a living. Most people who spend time with me know how important writing is to me. Writing is my life, writing is my shield. I can’t see myself not making it as a writer, I just can’t.
I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t live a life not doing what I love. That’s a caged life.
No matter how hard it seem right now.
Know there is “One good thing” inside of you that needs to be released or reborn.
Find it and let it make you!



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