SUZAN writes…
A bold and descriptive flash fiction written by yours truly on the vices of being a hot-head. Do your temper narrowly escapes you that you act out in manners you quite can control?
Do you feel your aggressiveness towards your loved ones isn’t noticeable?
And when they try to cheer you up, you throw up a tantrum about being left in peace.
Yes, we have all had our bad days when we don’t seem to be in the right mood. Everything becomes bitter and sinister and all we can do is to retreat to our shells and be left alone. However, some stories tell us otherwise in how our actions affect the ones close to us. Some actions bring regrets we cannot change. For you never come to love what you have until it’s gone.



Mummy would never look at me the same way, because I was the reason our little family fell apart.
After what I did, nothing I ever said mattered to her. She would stop me by my words and tell me
“Hold your peace Shola. Just hold it!”
My words were worthless, they in fact held no peace.
We were once happy and contented, we understood each other and our body language.Three wasn’t a large number for a family but somehow we made it work. No male figure either but the three of us held on to our backbones and we survived.
Until my moody spirit swung by and I gave in to my hot range of temper and I let it control me.
My sister never understood me; my need for space and quietness. So she would pester me to talk about boys –  as sisters should.
I would tell her to stop but she would not quit screaming in my ears.Till I pushed my sister down the stairs because she would not let me be, with her unending rays of sunshine.
I watched her bones crack against the cemented fight of stairs and black blood filled up her round lips.
She finally rested on the last fight; her dead eye staring back at me as though she was telling me she would bother me more.

-Susanah Omohunola Ajiboye.

*I would like to read your comments on how you manage to control your temper.*

Thanks for reading.



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