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It’s been a long week! Like I promised I am taking this space seriously and I will be blogging Wednesdays and Fridays about everything I have always wanted to say but I keep to myself, ranging from life, relationships, let Downs, triumphs, curiosities, and everything else I want to write down.
Today I was thinking about those people who have inspired me in the past and the peculiar trait they possess which is their ability to be themselves.
People care about those who care about themselves. This might sound like a sentences filled with repetition of “cares” but it’s real.
You need to be able to take care of yourself. You can only radiate happiness to the world if you have it within you. When people notice that you’re mindful of how you treat yourself like you set up everyday like it’s your freaking birthday and everything is just on point with you.
They will notice, pick up inspiration from you and then tell you about it or probably not. But low key you just changed someone’s life for good.
So care about your well being in and out and without trying too hard, you can make the world a better place.

Anyways, I had recently discovered the public library in my town has many books I have been hoping to read. Guys! Its been so much fun reading these books I had always wanted to reread  and discovering new ones too.




On Friday, I will be writing on my triumphs and struggle of being moderately obese and loosing weight. Check back for stuffs like this on this space.
Susannah Ajiboye.


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