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Losing weight is really harder than it looks. Ask this girl! Yeah, me!
When we were asked to leave school and come home because of an indefinite break, I had to join a gym because I didn’t want to gain a massive amount of weight by staying home doing nothing. It was also the perfect excuse to leave home thrice a week.
To my utter surprise, the therapist (it was a hospital gym) in charge went over my chart and she told me I was slightly obese.
“Slightly obese? What does that mean?” I asked.
She said due to my short height, my weight didn’t add up to a normal total weight for my size therefore I needed to shed some fat.


I was totally down, I won’t lie. I have always liked my body, even though there are times I would wish I had a skinny body so I could fit into any clothes I wanted. But there are days, I would completely embrace my big body and turn a deaf ear to those who keep saying “You look fatter than the last time I saw you” Seriously, people need to know that this isn’t a compliment and it is not necessary to even ask. Like what do you expect the person to say, “Yes, I have been eating extra meals since we saw each other last.”
Especially when the person has been struggling with losing the weight. Losing weight really takes time, like I heard and I’m experiencing. We are different people, and we have different body. It is absolutely normal for my weight loss result should vary from yours.


It has been a rocky road for me as a person. I eventually I had to stop going to the gym at the hospital where my mother works because I had to stay home and help the household for a while. Its a crazy story, don’t ask!
However, the result of my weeks of working out was slowly showing and I was actually excited. Yet, anytime I stepped in the scale my weight didn’t budge,Β  it was still the same. However, my clothes had been feeling loose on me and the bloating totally reduced.
The good news was that I noticed I slept soundly than usual.
But then I didn’t notice any changes, for months, all of a sudden it seemed like I was just stagnant in the weight loss journey. I was feeling so unhappy with myself, I still do sometimes but I recently found solutions to help me out. I am also writing this for anyone who is also struggling with losing weight and is getting tired of working out and following a diet.

1. I concluded that this thing takes time.
Okay, if you didn’t notice you actually didn’t gain all those weight in one day. It took time. So it is going to take time also to lose it, okay?

2. Stop letting people comments get to you.
People will say what they want to say. People can be anyone. Your best friend, your foe, your crush, your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your dad,Β  your uncle, that woman who sells stuffs on your street, your nosy neighbor. Anyone!
Try to block them away and focus on the important part, you own your body. They don’t!

3. Don’t give up even if you don’t see any physical changes.
Its consistency that matters. I actually battles with this also, I sometimes wished it was a lot easier. I could just do a lot of rope jumps and I would go check in the mirror to see if my tummy is flat. Its insane, the expectation I force on my body. I know!

4. Watch what you eat, when you eat and how you eat.
Everything still has to do with your diet. There are a lot of apps and websites which are designed to instruct you on what to eat and what not to eat when losing weight. Just check them out and choose a plan that works for you.
Discipline, discipline, discipline.

5. Learn to love your body and punch that inner critic in your head.
Yes, you read that right. There is that inner voice who is your greatest adversary telling you you can’t do this. Punch him or in my case her in the face and love your body no matter how your weight loss journey goes.
All we need is love, right?

All these can also work for more than weight loss transformation. It could be steps into finally doing that work you have been procrastinating for so long.

Thank you for reading. Check this space on Sunday for a new post on how I handle my mood swings. You can learn a thing or two.


Susanah Ajiboye.



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  1. This is really a great one.
    We should all learn to love our bodies as it is and not put too much pressure on our minds.
    God created everyone uniquely no matter the weight or size.
    Thanks for this wonderful post!


  2. Yassssss great post! Life is differently faced in a funny way. There was a time I wanted to put on so bad but now I love my body, so confident in it . . . I eat well and plank it well. No pressure!!! . . . God put us in a body that fits us; the body is just more than a part that needs to be shrank or pressured. . .still we need to nurture it with the right goal! Thanks for sharing this in a world where the pressure is massive to put on and shed some.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Obese? Wow! That’s quite shocking. I’m glad you actually got to see a specialist. You’d be good in no time. We should really pay attention to our bodies but really we are awesome regardless of our size. Take care of yourself hon! πŸ’•πŸ’•


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