It is the beginning of a new week and I am so excited to write about this issue. I had my hair wash day on Saturday and my hair turned out great. Pictures are below.
On my last post I wrote about struggling to lose weight, check it here
Mood swings are horrible. One minute I’m at the top of the world; I can fly like the Superman and I can talk with you for hours. The next minute, the world doesn’t want me; I hate everyone and nobody cares.


The worst part is I get to transfer my moodiness to people around me. I totally feel horrible about it eventually and it’s usually not supposed to be a big deal to begin with, you know what I mean?
Urgh! So many instances that I even am ashamed to start listing out. Many times I’ve lashed out, like that time I yelled at my girl friend on the phone because she was just so happy and chatty and I couldn’t handle it so I snapped. She kept quiet and told me she would drop the call now because she knows I’m not in the best mood. I totally felt bad and I later called back and apologized. I’m terrible, I know. Sometimes I wonder how I still have friends.
Lately, Sue (that’s a short form of Susanah) has been kicking mood swings in the face. How, you ask? With these few tips. You might want to try them too.


1. Don’t stay hungry.
Yes! Food kind of (in most people’s cases) solves everything. A hungry man is an angry man. Sometimes when our mood is horrible and you don’t even know why you feel down, at times it might be lack of energy. Food at times work, some people actually prefer drinks – carbonated drinks to give them this sugar rush, coffee too works a lot, ice cream is usually a good option at times.
The trick is to pick your choice and just let it roll. See if it works.

2. Take a walk
If food doesn’t seem to stop you from being Moody, you should leave that negative or slow environment.
I like to take a walk when the power is out or there’s just not much to do in my room especially in school. Walk across your street and let the breeze clear out your mood. Let the outside world be a good distraction to your angry mood.

3. Work out
Now, this is one I love doing a lot. And the good news is that you get to kill two birds with one stone. You get to release all those bad energy while you focus on those squats, push ups or even dance to your favourite music. Mood swings don’t hang around for long, they vanish soon enough and you tend to lose some calories at the same time.
That’s a win!

4. Dress up and hang out.
Move your ass up, pick an outfit, go say hi to your friend you’ve been blowing off because you feel you’re not in a mood to see. They might just be the perfect distraction you need. This usually works for me.

5. Pick up your phone.
Click on your browser and type this URL –
Yeah! I know right. *wink*
And that’s a way I am saying thanks for reading this post.

What is the worst thing you have done to yourself or someone close to you just because you were having a mood swing?
Do you also have an escape route to get off that mood swings too? I’d love to read your replies and learn from you too. This is a fun space, let’s share.
And oh! How did your weekend go? πŸ™‚

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See you on Wednesday!





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