SUZAN writes…


I have been described as weird, insecure and painfully shy. These above listed characters are true by the way. I am not going to deny this, I really at times most times talk to myself (with or without a mirror) and laugh at a joke I made inside my head.
Call that an inside joke – get it? *wink* PUN INTENDED!
However, I am more than those characters listed above. I truly am on the journey of discovering who I am – what I made up with. Because I believe I am more than just a list of characters.
I think that’s what the 20s does to you. I feel I’m growing up so fast and there’s this pressing urge to become successful and fulfilled.
But I do believe there is a Peter pan in me; the past of me that is carefree, adventurous and doesn’t want to to grow up.
I feel like my age should just slow the eff up!
Though Peter Pan is a fairy tale character, I still do believe in having the spirit of an adventurer. There must be an eagerness in me to try something new which I think everyone should have.
If I was asked what my biggest fear is,Β  it would be to live a life I settled for rather than the life I have dreamed of. A settled life is just the definition of unhappiness, no matter how you want to sugarcoat it and say half bread is better none, but why can’t I get the whole bread? What was I doing with my time and I let the first half of the bread slip away?
You know what I mean?


As a lover of Peter Pan,Β  I believe in embracing the adventurous part of me, travel the world and learn brand new things. You can never learn stop learning, right?
What is the Peter Pan adventurous side to you? What are the things you wish to do outside your comfort zone?
Its Christmas in two days and I sure would have a post of my Christmas weekend for you. I am banking in this Christmas to be fun than last year despite how difficult things are in the country. What do you guys think? Check back on this space for more! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season.


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