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This year has been so eventful and junked up with ups and downs. I experienced triumphs and defeats but I stood out strong. Thanks to God. I was looking forward to this Christmas season because I felt it would be a grand way to end this year in happiness. What better way to do that than to spend it with people who loves you? – Family!



I don’t spend Christmas in Oshogbo (family tradition) so it was fun to travel to another place for a change. I left Oshogbo for Ibadan on Friday and I spent four days with family. The best part is that Christmas day is also my grandmother’s day exciting, right?

I went through old pictures of my grandparents and I realised how huge it is to follow ones dream no matter where someone is from. My grandparents, Chief and Chief (Mrs) Duro-Ladipo were big on arts – dramatic arts to be specific and they were known for it home and beyond.



I for one admire dramatic arts but I’m more into creative arts as an interest. However, it was really wonderful to spend time with extended family and listen to old childhood stories too.
Of course there was food (my favourite part) and arguments on meats and drinks but they all made this Christmas memorable for me. Oh! There was also a customized shirt to show for it.



Now, I’m back home in Oshogbo. Before I started writing about this, I was reevaluating my life and taking mental notes on my wish list on things I wanted before the end of next year.Β 
There’s so much I didn’t get to do this year… but this isn’t a post about “How 2016 treated me”. Today I’m just thankful.Β 
Please do check back on Friday!Β  πŸ™‚

How was your Christmas like? Was it better than last year?
P’S: Harmattan came like a thief this morning and the whole house was dusty when we got home?
Has harmattan been treating you fair?


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