2016 IN RECAP.

SUZAN writes…
I’m a black girl with an African root.

I am proud of my culture and my heritage. The beauty in every inch of this continent is rich and breathtaking. However, there is so much going on in Nigeria. I mean, this year has kicked us all in the butt still we are all coming out through the other side.
The economy has been bad, very bad. Things are more expensive and less income are coming in. I sometimes wonder how things went this badly and I keep imagining how Nigeria would be like if for once we have a president who is more a selfless business (wo)man than a politician. Perhaps, he/she will view this country’s crisis as a business plan that needs to be built up rather than a political gain of some sort.
Despite everything, I am hopeful about our future as a continent and prayerful about our present situation in the country. Which is why I am just so glad about this year coming to a close.
It has been a crazy 2016!


Through school, getting my blog in order, my body weight struggle.
But I am hopeful and ready for the new year. I have to believe it and work towards having a successful 2017.
So I am writing this to myself and also to every one who also hopes for a transformation in the coming year.

1. Work
Being a person who is introverted means you get to stay in your comfort zone most of the times. However, I know it’s never a good idea not to take a risk.
So I’m promising myself I will push myself more this coming year. Work harder with my career choice(s) because I’ve got a lot to unleash to the world, especially with my writing career. Being a paid writing freelancer is a dream of mine, and I want to take my blog more seriously this year too – content and design wise.
I know it won’t happen together all of a sudden but baby steps is better than no steps at all, right?

Having a strong relationship with God this year is something I really want to focus on. He has been my hero and I believe in him.

School has just been annoying this year. I can’t even believe it myself that I spent a whole year stuck in one semester. Ugh!
It has been a stressful year when it comes to school stuff but I’m hopeful that 2017 will be good to us LAUTECH students.

Because I have not been lucky with finding love or anything like that, let’s just say I am optimistic about this new year. Not just for the hype of what relationship is these days but to build trust,love and friendship with someone who isn’t your flesh and blood – now that’s commitment!
No rush or anything but we’ll see.

My goal is to lose not less than 30kgΒ  this coming year. I feel I have this in check. More workouts, less fats and carbs, more sleep.

These are the things I need to work on. I love exploring but I feel I don’t get to do it much because there haven’t been a lot of opportunities for me to travel.
Going new places changes your mindset and opens you to new ideas. 2017 will be a lot more adventurous and exciting. All I need is a plan, any ideas guys?

Books are a delight to me. So I am working towards expanding my library of books of my own. I wish to invest on new books of different genres. I wish to read more and write more. Also attend literary conferences, speak and listen to a new crowd of people, go to art festivals. These are top of my list guys. Who else feels this way?

Yeah, I guess that will be all for now. Oh! I also hope my birthday (February 14) next year is not as horrible as this year’s. LOL.

Happy new year in advance guys! What are your plans for this coming year?Β  Do drop few of them in the comment section. Lets connect!Β  πŸ™‚

Sue. Xx.


3 thoughts on “2016 IN RECAP.

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  1. Interesting plans…and a happy new year in advance dear!

    I’m particular about my weight loss in 2017 too and hoping to be more adventurous than ever and meet like minded individuals who are ready to take over

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