SUZAN writes…
To awaken your Friday thoughts.


Girls like me are scared because we are blind to signs. Not the yellow signs on the street that tell you when you are about to hit a bump or a black-and-white lines on the tarred road that welcomes hundreds of feet on Monday morning.
No, not those signs.
Girls like me are blind to signs of reasoning because we’ve been told just one side of the story and we don’t think about why the other side isn’t relevant to us. Perhaps we don’t need it or because they are scared that if we know the whole truth girls won’t be girls anymore, we would be a force to reckon with.
The side of the story we were told is that violence runs wild on the streets in black jackets and blue jeans, grabbing their crouch while whistling and cat-calling anything that walks on skirt, smacking their behinds. Then when they sense a response of fear and increased pace, they laugh – a laughter of self satisfaction.
The problem is this side is true and many of us have been there, one ugly scenario or the other.
Sadly, girls like me weren’t told about the other side of the story, the part where not all men in black jackets have a dark life. That kindness is present in black, brown and white men. So when we are shown respect from them we don’t see as a “normal” act that is perfectly supposed it happen

Male kindness is so alien to us we deduce it’s seduction every time.
  ~Blythe Baird.

Because we weren’t told those crouch grabbing assholes aren’t the only specimen of men. We were told to see all of them as violent and savage beings and in every way accept that they are always going to be this way because all men are the same and they need to act these ways to oil their masculinity.
Girls like me are startled when we are dropped in the other side of the story – the tale of good men and wonder
“could this be real?”
“No he must be seeing someone else. Because how can a man be this nice? Its not normal?”
Girls like me never believe in the term “there are two sides to every story”.
So we follow the path we were taught,
the path we grew up to see, the path of those who take from us and when others say “fuck you” we say “thank you” like we were trained to say.
Polite sufferers.
And like this continues the cycle of insanity.

Susanah. Xx.


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