SUZAN writes…
” But as tight-minded as I pretended to be, my heart fell when I saw him because I wasn’t sure I was ready for this – touching without even getting naked.”
– Blackprowriter

An excerpt from the flash fiction HE. Read here!


Intimacy like trust is earned and like breathing in air, it is necessary.
I am probably the worst when it comes to pouring out deep feelings about something or someone.
Growing up, I self-internalized the notion that intimacy isn’t necessary in any way because you end of getting hurt. How many friendship I have lost to this belief.
I will unlearn this, I am working on it.
I wish many people understood this – intimacy transcends the physical.
Yes, I can feel your skin next to mine but can I touch you in places no one else have been to?
Can you feel comfortable enough to have deep conversations with me, talk to me about your weirdest ritual, talk about things you do before going to bed?
Can you show me how vulnerable you are and you will trust me to understand because, hey, we are humans who shouldn’t be terrified of vulnerability.

Can we go beyond the lines of having sex to the lines of making love? Experts say they’re different.
Can we cross that bridge of friendship to relationship and still never get tired of being your true self with me?
And when I open up my joy, my fears, my dreams and especially my love to you, will you stay?
Or will you walk away after you ripped open the first layer of intimacy?


Intimacy surely will vary to each soul because like footprints, we are different. We handle feelings in different manners. Some don’t even have the slightest idea what intimacy truly means, while some have mastered all the rules.
Some, don’t know how to balance being intimate and not being clingy.
Maybe I’m rambling or maybe my writers block is worst than I thought.
But I do know intimacy is powerful and takes a lot of willpower before it is earned and given.
What do you think?

PS: Writer’s block sucks but I think I’m slowly pulling myself out of it.


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  1. This one’s actually deep on so many levels. It takes courage to open up, but once one experiences the bliss there is to experience, you’re game for life. iLike.

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