SUZAN writes…
If you use spectacles recommended by an optician (not some glasses you got at a store or shed so you could call yourself a nerd), you will understand the struggles.

It is all fun and games when you make fun of mates with spectacles 24 hours a day, (there was a particular senior back in boarding school who showers with her glasses on!) or you think it is cool to wear glasses everywhere, until you can’t type on your computer without squinting and ending up with migraine before you even complete a Microsoft Word page. Then you had to go get your eyes tested and you are dropped with the bombshell “You need to start using glasses!”
This was my story.
Of course I had mixed feelings about the news. I thought okay, maybe my wish finally came true and oh no! I cannot boast of perfect eyesight anymore.
Its been more than a year being subjected to wearing glasses to type on my computer and phone because the light rays affect my eyes so badly, I must say it sucks!
Guys! It is no fun and games. The struggle is real.


I am typing this right now and I am wearing my glasses, of course I am changing them soon to a bigger frame because my eyes are just huge.
Anyone who is in the same boat as me will understand how hard it is. Can you relate to these:

It is not always easy finding the perfect pair that fits your face. It is usually hard to pick the right ones. I remember my first time too, the optician placed a lot of choices in front of me and I kept thinking “this one is better…no this is.”
Needless to say I went home with the wrong choice. I just couldn’t choose one. I was a newbie to this sort of thing.

This is real mates! There are many times I just wouldn’t know where my glasses are. I’d think I left them in my bag and I find them in my wardrobe. Then I ask myself how they got there. Or when I need to wear them and I realise my glasses are far away from me so I have to get up and get them. Aargh!

This happens so often, I get tired of replying. Its not fun going around with glasses on and having to answer questions about wearing them and why. I’m always like… come on!


You can’t lie down peacefully on your side and not worry about breaking your glasses. You just can’t, it so unfair. You can only lie on your back. What’s the fun in that?

This is just too sad to be funny. Imagine needing your glasses for an important exam or reading and you broke them a night before. *tears*

“Oh! You look so good with those glasses on. Like a sexy science teacher.”
Dude, what the eff?
I am blind without them, they are my source of survival. Imagine being chased by a monster or something and my glasses fall off suddenly.
I’m toast!
And you are over there staring at me because me in nerdy glasses arouses sexual desire in you. Come on!

Seriously I could go all day but my bad eye sight won’t let me. LOL.

What are your struggles?
What is the weirdest thing anyone has said to you while wearing glasses?
Do you automatically get turned on when you see a cute lady or dude in glasses?
Did you enjoy reading this?
Kindly drop comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

Susanah. Xx.
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  1. You know Susan, there was a point where I told my dad when I was in high school that it was cheating for him to be using glasses and I am not. I used to believe people who use glasses are intelligent. I begged and begged him to get me one and he said I can only use them if my sight needs to be corrected.

    Eventually, I went to the market and got one with a rope and started wearing and the compliment begin to roll in.

    As I grew older, I am forever grateful I don’t have to wear glasses. Yes people on glasses look cute but the struggle they go through without it, I never ever want to experience.

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  2. Seriously I feel your pain. I’m still trying to get used to wearing mine every freaking day. Mine are not for reading though. I’m short sited but believe me, wearing glasses is no fun at least for me. I remember when I used to feel cool cuz I was the only one in my family not using glasses.๐Ÿ˜ขNow I’ve joined the gang. So sad.

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  3. Q2…yes I get turned on…I mean automatically and I’m still wondering why๐Ÿ™ˆ…lol
    Decided to check out ur blog for the first time and I’m finding my self in d comments box

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  4. I can so relate, I’m presently on my third glasses in the space of 4 years ๐Ÿ˜ข, why? Finding the right pair. A friend hugged me so tightly out of excitement and broke my first glasses. The second one, it was a matter of urgency (I needed a replacement soon, exams was fast approaching and I couldn’t travel home, lautech teaching hospital was on strike that time and so I was left with the option of ‘going to town’) and this eventually landed me in some sort of trouble, I detest the frame and the optician wasn’t efficient, he ended up giving me a chronic short sighted lenses whereas I’m a little short sighted. I’m presently on the third that I’m hoping to change soon, thanks to powder and the likes of it, the frame is about to bid earth farewell. Mine is photocromic, I can’t walk when the sun is out without my glasses ๐Ÿ˜”. The one time I decided not to wear them to church, everybody stared at me like I was a ghost. Someone finally summoned the courage to tell me ‘You look strange without your glasses, put them on fast’, I was gutted. I payed no attention and decided not to wear them all through, I said in my mind ‘come and kill me, is it your eyes?’ lol.
    Ps: All my siblings use glasses, it’s hereditary.

    You’re a student of lautech? Wow! Where have you been all my life? Time to hook up. I love your write ups, beautiful!

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    1. LOL. Yass!!! Finally someone cool in lautech. I know right, time to hook up. I so can relate to people staring at you but mine is suakky when I have it on. They start saying “oh you use glasses for real”. I am photo phobic according to the doctor and I squint my eyes on sunny days. Thanks for commenting and reading too.


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