SUZAN writes…
Fiction week 2… Enjoy!

He seemed like the perfect man.
You know, the type you would take home to meet Mum and Dad. The type you would love to share a brunch with alongside your parents; look into his eyes as he speaks to your Father and you would smile. A smile of self-content – that you deserved him, not waiting to think if he deserved you in return.
He is the type you would not mind driving miles to meet, you would do anything to watch him talk, you would do anything to listen to him correct you when you’re wrong because he told you it’s necessary for a lady to listen and respect a man when he talks.
You were ready to  grow with him, you were beginning to paint a canvas of your lives together. You could not help but smile each time you think about him.
You didn’t care if the puzzles didn’t add up, you barely knew him. You only knew the part he wanted you to know, the surface. You wanted deep, but he was not willing to move farther away from the shallow ends.
He was smart, he was honest – he never told you he wanted deep. He didn’t tell you he wanted to grow with you. He never even picked a brush to paint a stroke of colour on a canvas of your lives together ,  he wasn’t ready for the future. He was contented with his solitude. He made sure he didn’t get too close but you were willing to go through the flames to make things work for the both you.
You wanted him to so much remember you, you wanted to be in his present and future. He didn’t want these things. He never started a conversation that mattered. He just needed to feel your warmth on his skin. He didn’t have any plans to move things beyond that.
Your guts tried to warn you, tried to talk you out of those silly fantasies. Out of those daydreams but you didn’t mind being the fool for love, chasing a mist.
Eventually when you realised love wasn’t a one-way street, you felt hurt because your heart had already invested in so much of him. You realised the emotional distress was about to begin, you had to urge to punch the walls and let out the tears. You hated the feeling – loving someone who wouldn’t love you back.
It sounds funny and apparently overrated but it’s very much real. You are not alone in this. So you’d be glad when I tell you this,  you will heal.
It happens. We dust ourselves up and move on. You made a decision that was meant to be taken by two people all on your own because you felt your love would be enough to carry you both on.
It doesn’t work that way.
So embrace your pain, cast away your foolishness. Get up and learn from your mistakes. Let him go, free up that heavy weight in your soul. Smile again and go conquer the world!


Thanks for reading. I was so surprised at the response  “DON’T TELL” received click here to read. Thank you for your positive reviews.
Have a lovely weekend!
See you next week… oh by then I will be neck deep in studying but girl will survive.



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