Suzan writes…

Its probably too early to start writing this because I’ve only spent a night in Ogbomoso but it’s been a long time coming.

Sue is back in school and even though I know these coming weeks are going to be busy as eff, I have to say it feels so good to be back to school. 

The first part was cleaning out my room (which wasn’t pretty actually, eight months!!!) and then getting acquainted with the whole school “air”.

Breathe in girl…

Ogbomoso wasn’t different at all. While driving into the town, it still carried the same homely and dusty air it had always had. Nothing changed in school area either.

I remembered the promise I made myself about looking at the bright side of everything. I’m just going go with the flow. Go out a lot more, meet new friends, get writing jobs and focus on bringing you – my lovely readers – new contents every week.


I have to say January has been really good to SUZAN WRITES. I kept on with my plan – two posts per week and I made sure it worked. The responses have been really encouraging as well. I mean, no post went without likes and even comments. Oh! I much I love to read your comments, it means a lot to me more than you can ever imagine. Especially my post about weight loss journey and the fiction “Don’t tell”. Comments rang in very quickly. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT, LITERALLY NOT A BLOGGER WITHOUT YOU.

Ese Oooo.  Thank you.

Also, I have been on this low/no Carb diet for two weeks now and I have three things to say. 

1. Its harder than it sounds; not to eat jollof rice, amala,Pando yam,Spaghetti, Noodles, even yam. The worst part is when I’m the one actually cooking them!


But I stuck to my plan and I still am.I deserved a pat right? I know. LOL.

2. You really shouldn’t underestimate your willpower. I honestly thought I’d give in on the very first day to my Carb cravings but I didn’t. I guess driking lemon+water really has been helping my diet than I thought. Try whatever you want to try. Simple! Even if its about little things like eating habit.

3. Not eating rice and Co doesn’t mean you’d actually die of hunger.I’ve been a bread fan my whole life and now, I’d reach out to a bowl of fruits instead. It steady but it’s working.

Finally,.I am hopeful about this week and I will make sure I walk into the school ground today. Living outside school can really spoil you to think you want to stay within the comfort of your room. But not anymore.

Have you ever had to prep for fourteen courses within two weeks before an exam?

February is slowly creeping in and I have no idea what to do on my birthday. Probably just study for exams and whatever…I don’t know yet. Considering it’s Valentines day too.

Was your January memorable? What are you plans for February, especially Valentine’s day?

Susanah. Xx.



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    1. Oh my God! I can’t believe I didn’t see this reply earlier. Thank you so much for your insight. LOL. Not all of us will blog about gossip jare. Lets handle this niche we are good at. Hello, I really do hope to meet you too!

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