SUZAN writes…

Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s generic but there is something about simplicity that always captures my attention and holds its firm grip on my heart.

On the theme of love, (as it the season to celebrate love) wouldn’t it be fantastic to discuss issues from the heart? Hence a post about my love for simple things. 

Remember the smallest thing you have ever received or given or seen or heard…so small it almost seemed unnoticable but it melted a part of you and since then you realised how little things go a long way.

A simple outfit, is it? Or a restaurant (or imagine any favourite place of yours) which stood out to be different in your memory because of its adoring simple minimalistic aesthetics? Or a simple but kind gesture that turned your day around? It could be something, anything. I realised recently how easily we can impress one another, also how greatly a bond/connection can be broken over the tiniest bit of argument.

We can strive to be extarordinary but at the end of the day what calms our nerves and makes us relax back to our zone? 

Simplicity in desire, simplicity in humanity intrigues me so much that I start to wonder how one can be this original and different in a world where everyone is struggling to be who they are not. I almost wish the world doesn’t have to be complicated.

Look at this; in a relationship as a partner, do you have to wait till you own the world before you express your affection towards your partner or you could just go with the simple gestures- could be gifts or otherwise – as long as it is coming from a place filled with love?

Over-the-top ideas cramp creativity most times and people eventually resolve into,  “why don’t we just do something simple and minimalistic?” Or “why don’t you just pair that top with a jeans or nice skirt and a comfortable footwear?” …

I’m just saying, it could be anything!

This post might reveal itself to you in deeper meaning different from these things i mentioned, it could be more. It could be those simple things that you have been craving all along that you don’t think would matter.

Find it today and make it your own.

What will this weekend be like for you? Any plans? 

Do you agree simplicity is needed in our every day lives?

What simples gestures are underrated and you wish were not?

I’d like to read your responses, pretty please 🙂

I tried out Flatlay (thanks to Cassie Daves)for real this time and I think I liked the outcome? What do you think of the image below? Comments?

Susanah. Xx.


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