SUZAN writes…

Are you ever those type of people who listen to songs because of the lyrics and not because of the beat?

Beat can be nice; you know the rise and fall of the tempo that makes your ears vibrate. The melody of the music that causes goose bumps to rise on your skin. 

All these are essential but still there is power in words, even in words that come from a song. Over the years, there had been days when music saved me. There were days when music pulled me out of many miserable moods.

Have you ever just listened to a song and you have the pressing urge to touch something, or laugh truly…deeply, or cry?                               
There was a period in my life, I think first year of Uni when I was really stuck in perspective. I.could only describe it as a foggy feeling of uselessness and I had this urge to run away. But then each time I want to run I ask myself “what exactly am I running from? And where am I running to?”

So I remained where I was and ultimately think of another plan to make myself happy. Of course none of my plans were solid enough to make me escape from my sadness. I would cry and laugh at myself for crying over nothing. It was tough not feeling like you belonged somewhere, not feeling like you belonged anywhere.

So I chose music to pull me out of my never ending mood swings. I remembered Taylor Swift’s album – RED made me smile when I listened to her talk about 

“jumping and falling in love”, 

I listened to her telling her love who “stayed” even though they were both mad at each other all through the night. 

She watched love “begin again” by trying to love again even after a breakup.

I listened to Asa tell her first class liar to pay her bride price and stop acting like she is a product of the government but a true born  of her father and mother.

Selena Gomez’s asked me “who says you’re not perfect? Who says you’re not worth it? Who says you’re not beautiful?”

I can’t remember all those songs anymore but I still remember how the words behind the melodies saved me. I didn’t know why I was sad but I did know I was feeling inadequate, unloved and out-of-place. 

Music saved me and it still saves me. It could be any genre, especially the underrated Indie music that no one pays attention to. It could be reggae and it’s ability to make me feel alive. It could be that I love to sing so much that your air lungs and head awaken after hitting few notes during a depressing moment. It could be Gospel as well; reminding me that God has a plan for me.

It could be that some random songs on the radio which make me remember random sad memories in the past and I curl up in your bed and cried, cleansing me of the guilt and pain and feeling totally anew again.

Or music can actually be a road to a new world where I could escape to get rid of the world filled with noisy negative people and situation. Music calms my nerves and it pushes away my need to run away from my problem. 

The storyteller in me listens to the words and create a story from a song. Like I said on my interview with Mystique Dammy, I get inspiration from anything, anywhere. 

Ed sheeran, Taylor Swift, Asa , Ruth B, Jon Bellion, Allesia Cara and many others helped me, even till now. They remind me I am not alone in my thoughts and I can make positive great things happen even in the saddest situations.

What has music healed in you? What period in your life was saved by music? Who are your favorite artists because they focus more on telling a story with their words rather than the beat? Any new advise for music to listen to? Or am I alone in this?

Susanah. Xx.


TAYLOR SWIFT: Begin again, jump and fall, stay.

ASA: Bamidele




Add yours

  1. Music has always helped me too. I listen to all types from Aerosmith to Sade; Marsha, MJB, R Kelly, Massive Attack, etc. Music is a powerful language of its own. Have you found yourself listening to music of your parents’ generation? The strength of civil rights, the longing of lyrics; music back then resonated with our parents just like it does with us! I wrote about how a song inspired me on my site called Where Is Your Tennessee? I hope you get to read it and share your thoughts. Actually you inspired me to write about music on a spiritual level. Thanks again!


    1. Oldies have a way to my heart… not all but mostly blues. Still I find myself listening to evergreen songs from Ebenezer Obey. There is power in music. I am glad I could be an inspiration. Thanks for reading and dropping a comment.

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