SUZAN writes…

Today’s post came up late. Not for lack of trying in my side though!!! Still, better late than never. Right? 

You ever wonder why females in top positions tend to be tougher or stricter than their male counterparts? 

You ever hear chatters in a public transport and the driver says he prefers to be stopped on the road by a male police because their females counterparts are tough and in Nigerian speaking “wicked like the devil”?

This is true by the way, not the “devil” part. LOL. Hey, who knows?

You could have encountered her in a nasty mood and she snapped. It can happen to the best of us.

 But there is a truth in the part where the female police officers are perceived to be tougher and wicked. I don’t know about any other countries, but I know of Nigeria.

It is not just with the female army officers or whatnot, it could be a CEO of a company who is a female or a female pastor of a huge church or a female vice chancellor of a university. It could be any female, as long as they’re at the top – they are the toughests.

Now, many might just be “wicked”by default; it might be their nasty attitudes. However, do you know many females described above might be tough as an act to prove she does not want to be seem weak because she is female?

Yes! It is a thing.

I am female so I automatically have to prove myself. Prove I am not just any regular face with boobs, I have a soul and a brain. If I can do it, I can. If I can’t, teach me; I am ready to learn.
You hear people say “she is wicked because she doesn’t have a husband and she is bitter or she is the breadwinner of the family…” blah blah blah. 


I am female and young. I am trying to figure out my life and set things in motion for me and people around me. I haven’t been to any part of the world other than my country Nigeria but I do know what I just described above is true in many countries.

I am glad though, I am surrounded by strong women who do great things while still being a wife and a mother. They also face this irritating challenge of being ridiculed as weak/ incompetent because of their gender. But I admire their strengths in the midst of this and they are nothing short of inspiration. 

I am young and female but I have a brain too, you know?

I want to learn and I want to create. Creativity is one thing I treasure. May we never stop being creative. Creativity has turned some humans into super humans and I want to be part of that squad.

Whether anyone likes it or not, I can’t change who I am. Hell, I don’t even want to. Take me or leave me. But I am female and I want to be treated as a human too because I deserve to be.

What do you think? You think you have a shot at being great despite all frigging odds? What is the weirdest experience you have had to go through because of your gender-male and female?

Don’t stress Valentine’s day. Just breathe and live.

Did this post push you to think? Connect with me; IG: @blackprowriter.

Susanah. Xx.


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