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Its been a while, miss me?

You know that perfect illusion we create for ourselves before beginning a new day, a new chapter or a new career or even a new relationship. We say, “everything is going to be alright. I have a plan”. I’ve been studying what it takes to be human, the things we do to justify the ends and the decisions we make to make ourselves feel better or become a better version of ourselves.

Plans are good. But life always gets in the way. I don’t know how she (I see life as a woman, weird…I know but I just do!) does it but she always gets in the way.

I have been in Ogbomoso for a month now, adjusting to my paused life in school, trying to make new friends, create real memories and do right by my future. Still, it amazes me how time flies and we find out our lives don’t normally go the way we have planned.

Why am I scribbling all these? I’ve got fourteen courses to study and I cannot stop thinking about what my life is going to look like after I graduate. Don’t we all?

Then, it hit me. I have been so stressed about the future before it even begun that I have forgotten I need to stay in the present to make it to my tomorrow.

I have not even written an article about my life here; its contrast with my life back home and its contrast with the life I have created in my head.  I realized I think of all these things every single day but I haven’t written about them?


Things are not going as planned down here in Ogbomoso. I am healthy and my kinky hair is growing by the day. Still, I feel like there is so much I haven’t done yet.

It’s my twenty-first year and I need to create memories about my life here. I need to stay present and live my life to the fullest. Ogbomoso is probably the least place to have fun and by fun I don’t mean partying, and the likes. As a follower of my blog posts, you all know the kind of fun stuffs that get me giddy. Unfortunately,  there are not many of those things here. 

LAUTECH is a “tech school”. Which means it is more technical than artistic. However, walking from my department to my apartment each day, there are so many stories surrounding this town. Young people walking in and out of the school each day, some dressed to their nines while some aren’t even giving attention to their wardrobe. Yet, we all have stories to tell. 

I have always been an observer but I never knew there was more that met the eye as far as LAUTECH Ogbomoso is concerned. So that’s what I’m going to do.

As a storyteller, you don’t wait for the perfect story to find you, you find the perfect stories even admist life’s imperfection. Because there will never be the perfect time, just a group of imperfect humans trying to figure out their lives in this imperfect world.

Create memories wherever you are. I am going to do that with Ogbomoso by writing about everything that piques my curiousity level about the lives of young people in this town.

You are ready to get into the conversation? Because there is so much you need to know about the ones who see Ogbomoso as paradise.

How has been your life lately? Scored any life goals yet? One of is need a win for this week Yo! Is it you?! Let’s talk.

I’ve got to stop writing. 8am test tomorrow. Wish me luck. πŸ™‚





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