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Right now, I am battling with a blocked nose and I have no idea how it happened. Makes me appreciate a normal day with a clear nose. This week has been filled with back-to-back positive comments about my natural hair. It felt so good to inspire ladies to try the natural hair journey. 

Pictures of my hair growth below!

So, like many of us who have reached the first twenty years of our lives we have been thinking more of our futures lately. How we want things to change. How we wish Nigeria can actually be a country that can host a Commonwealth game without the world thinking twice about it. How we want to own a separate room in our houses where we just sit by ourselves and think – no disturbance – just because we can. How we dream about standing in front of a huge crowd and telling stories about Nigerians; their challenges and their overcoming tales of survival and people from different parts of the world will listen to us because they need to.


Okay, maybe these are my own thoughts. But still, we all have future plans, right?

If you can write a letter to your teenage self right now and somehow get it across to the fifteen-year-old version of you, what would you write?

Well, I thought of it because it is what I do – imagining few impossible things before breakfast! 

I wrote this down and I felt I should share it with you. If I had the chance to let my teenage self read this, this is what I’d write.

  1. Stop being afraid to say what you really feel. If you don’t want to be bullied by a senior student in boarding school, at least say it to her face and not freak out. Because she really can’t kill you. You’d meet her in a few years on Facebook and she will actually refer to you as “my school daughter”.
  2. Give the best clapbacks to that smartmouth in your class that always attack you with words at any chance she gets. You build those responses in your head, but you never say them. Why?!
  3. Do more of those extra curriculum activities that you admire, let people know you are an amazing writer, speaker.
  4. Don’t go to science class, it is a trap! You can be happy and successful at being a writer too. Not everyone is going to be a doctor.
  5. Enough with the extra large uniforms and dresses. Wear clothes that fit your body size. Don’t be too afraid to let people know you are curvy. You are beautiful. 
  6. Smile more when your teenage crush talks to you. You don’t have to frown when you see him at the dinning hall.
  7. Talk more to Mummy about the struggles of being a teenager. Its all she really wants, just spend more time with those who really matter.
  8. Yes, relationships are messy. At least you guessed that part right. But love can happen to you in different ways.
  9. Remain that curious person you have always been.
  10. Write more and read more. Dream bigger.
  11. Stop wearing fancy glasses for fun so you will look smart. Your older self hates you for this! Wearing glasses sucks! FOR REAL.
  12. Ask questions about your sexuality. Understand different forms of feelings and take control of your emotions. It does not make you a whore of you like that boy in your class, it just means you’re a girl growing up to be a lady and these feelings will come up. The question is what are you going to do about it? It will prepare you for the uncertain young adult years.
  13. Stop crying over every little thing!
  14. Don’t be to anxious to grow up. Adulthood is a trap!

Okay! So that got real. I had fun going back through memory lane with this list. I challenge you to this. Write down the first thing you would love to tell your teenage self right now! Come on do it, it’s fun I promise.

Susanah. Xx.




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  1. Ahhahahaha…I swear, adulthood is a big trap. I always wish I could have my parents still worry about my expense and not the other way round.

    Lovely pictures you have there.

    Liked by 1 person

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