The theme for this week is *drum roll*


I believe the best things are done when no one is watching, when no one really needs validation, when no one really cares about the rules, when no one cares about being normal. 

Art is an expression and it diversifies in various ways. It is supposed to make us feel something.  Street art is one of its branches and your truly have fallen in love with beautiful works of art scouted on ordinary streets from big cities to small towns.

Since this is a PINTEREST inspired post, wouldn’t it be fun if I make it a photo gallery? I will write on how each photo made me feel.

When i see this picture, I just keep touching my hair because it makes me appreciate my natural hair the more. Nature is good, it is green and it is fresh and so is my hair!
Dear black girl, you are beautiful, you are magic, you are real.
“Happiness can found even in the darkest of nights. Only if you look up and see the light…” – Blackprowriter
“From the dust we all came, and so to dust may we return” – Blackprowriter
“Through my eyes, you can see the entire world. From my eyes, the view is beautiful” – Blackprowriter

All these images are sourced from PINTEREST. I take credit only for the words and captions.Please let me know if you loved these photos and what theme you would love me to post on next. 

I will leave you with the words I found these week ‘”earth” without “art” in is just “eh”‘

Susanah. Xx.



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