Heavy contents below (but you can handle this!)

Bringing a child into this world can be the

most beautiful thing ever. Despite the pain and blood, the joy that comes with motherhood is priceless.

It makes all those nine months seem like nothing compared to the new life I now have with me.


Well, what you just read will probably will be the words of a happy mother who sees motherhood as a blessing. Am I right?

Now, take for instance, a thirteen-year-old and give her the first name that pops into your head. Picture her on the muddy earth in her new house as a ”newly married woman” – a role she fell into because she was pushed. She spent her first night as a teenager in the arms of a man old enough to know what is right and what is wrong. Picture his breath enveloping her, she finds it hard to breathe on her own. Picture his fingers crawling down her thighs, spitting out words in a commanding tone; telling her to do things – things she is not even supposed to know or better still things a thirteen-year-old should not be told.

Imagine her groans as he slips into her; pushing his body weight and vanity down on her as thought these were the things she was born to live with. Her whole body shooting daggers of pain, only to birth silent hot tears because no one can help her.

She suddenly becomes an incubator; made to hold this new strange life because to me that is what she is. Everything is planned for her, she will wait to fit into the role of a mother like every other thirteen-year-old before her.

Remember those words from a happy mother you read above, do you think she would feel the same way about motherhood too? You think she is going to think of motherhood and smile? A smile of contentment and joy because she is bringing a new life into the world? Hell no!

Children are supposed to be a product of love and happiness. They should be born out of a choice. They should be from two people who adore each other because child bearing is really an intimate experience.

But I digress (a bit).

Now imagine this thirteen-year-old found out about a life parallel to the one she had grown up to know,  a life where a thirteen-year-old worries about school exams; her sweet sixteen party she wants to plan; her days at the Uni in a few years. She is not wiping off blood off herself after giving birth to a child.

If she was given an alternative to make a choice to take a bit of her pain away – an abortion pill that would end her suffering. What would she do?

Believe this post was inspired after a talk with a friend. We talked deeply on this issue and we both had different views. She did not think it was right for abortion to be legalized because it is just another way of killing innocent children, a free pass can be taken for granted. So I painted the picture I wrote above to her and she said,

”I wish the world was an ideal place where all these are not even happening in the first place.”

And I said ”I wish killing an innocent life just to stop a mother’s pain should never be a choice anyone has to make.”

Enough with child marriage!

My move … what’s yours?

Susanah. Xx.

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11 thoughts on “LEGALIZING ABORTION 

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  1. Loved this piece, the imagery at the beginning was seriously so vivid and sad. This is the reality of many girls not just in Africa but around the world. Abortion has always been an interesting topic for me, as I can see the view of both sides and struggle to pick a side. You honestly write so well and I hope to write as well as you when it comes to serious societal issues such as this.
    End child marriage indeed!

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    1. The reality of being born a female is so sad that I often become grateful that I have the chance to choose who I want to be. It is truly the greatest gift. Thank you for your honest commentary. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Child marriage is so barbaric and absurd. How do parents even think of giving their young daughter out to a man that may even be older than they are? It’s so sad and annoying. Abortion on the other hand is something that I don’t think should be debated. It’s totally not right but, if it’s a case of rape, then maybe Abortion can be considered because of the psychological effect the child will continually bring to the mother.

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  3. This scenario is a very good way to look at it. However, it shouldn’t even be necessary to paint the goriest picture to get the idea. Abortion should be a choice for whoever wants to get one. Married o, single o, situationship turned gobe o, any circumstance really. Nobody should have the right to dictate to another what they should do with their body except for life threatening medical reasons. And to the issue of child brides, that one is just another case of misplaced priorities from the lawmakers. How could they be champions of banning abortions and not be champions of banning child marriages? One would think it a no brainer, but you know, hypocrisy in the highest places. One day, I hope we ALL collectively get the idea of fundamental human rights and act aright.

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    1. Exactly, abortion should be a choice. For child brides, for middle-aged women who have had kids and aren’t ready to raise another and so on. It should be a choice. Hypocrisy is killing the society and we can only hope we have more open-minded people making these so called laws. Thank you for reading Olamide.


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