Today we are loving the bold colors on the walls. I ready do wish i was not scouring the internet for these, that I could just walk down the streets and discover these beautiful walls and take photos of myself posing in front of them. Who else is in love with simple aesthetics such as colorful walls and street photography?


Like I said here I will share with you those pictures on Pinterest that I think are worth being shared.

What do you think of them?

I saw this and I felt a pink warmth inside of me. The beauty in the soft tone of pink and the boldness of that dark skin. This feels like magic that colors could blend so well.
image from pinterest
This was what came to my mind when I saw this gorgeous picture. ‘I need to get me some really nice high-waist pants, a big Afro wig’ The color yellow agrees well with brown skin. Who else agrees?
image from pinterest
Sneakers, jacket in mustard color and a head filled with dreadlocks. Why won’t I love this?
She looks lost and the wind is blowing away her thoughts in the wings of a bird. Okay, I got literary for a second there… can’t say I don’t love the brown tone and the brick wall though. Amazing!



image from pinterest
Yellow! Yellow!! Yellow!!!
All I want is that tinted hair, those leather sandals and those cameras and the bags too. Okay, I want them all!

Which was your favorite pick? You can let me know the theme to choose for the next feature. I always have fun scouring the internet for you!

Susanah. Xx


8 thoughts on “PINTEREST FIND 2

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  1. All beautiful especially the shades of yellow. Can help share tips on how to use Pinterest too? And art for the next feature won’t be a bad idea…


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