I know each post have been building up to the point where these two characters finally meet, so while writing (re-editing) this I noticed it would be more appropriate if you read the two narrations in one post! I promise you it is not a long ass chapter, even I know how tedious it can be reading a long ass post. Anyways! So this is ‘MUSE AND MEMORIES” in one post!


The rain finally stopped and the sun came out to play. However, it did not mean the classes were going to be less hectic. Amma found herself jumping from one lecture room to another shed, lending out notes and assignments to her colleagues who asked. She should be used to this already since it was her final year but somehow she was fed up of school and just wanted to graduate. She was after all the Efiwe of the class as she could solve equations in her sleep . Amma never thought it made sense for anyone choosing to study mathematics if the interest was not there to begin with. Why force yourself to be who you are not? She was also known for the female who beat up a male during her second year for slapping her behind playfully.

She sighed as the last class ended and soon began to zip her cross bag when Ore asked if she would show up at the Class Rep’s party, Amma smiled and declined like she had always done for four years and a half. Whenever she was asked why? She often shook her head and made up excuses.

Lies were better told when you have something to hide. She knew it was for the best to push anyone who leaned on for any form of friendship away. It was for their own good. Who wants to be friends with me? She would always say to herself.

And so she hurried along before someone else hijacked her and walked away. She checked her wristwatch again and decided to just go for a walk before 6:30pm. There was still time before her 7pm curfew.


She shrugged her cross-bag on her shoulder and walked towards the secluded paths of the university campus. She winced again as the cross-bag slapped against her skin, she was hurting but she was also used to it.

The heat was piercing her skin too and so she decided to check the bruises as soon as she was alone at lake side. Quickly, she walked along the narrow lane which led to the lake side and checked her wristwatch repeatedly. That was when she noticed that her shoe laces were dangling. She squeezed her mouth. As she bent down to adjust it, a hard body fell on her making them both to fall down flat on their backs!



For the first time in my adult life, I fall flat on the floor right in the middle of a grassy narrow lane. My head is pounding because I hit my head against this hooded fellow’s elbow. I turn around and stand on my feet before anyone sees me but no one is around us, it is just us.

All I can see is a figure with deep grey hoodie silently cursing and grumbling in an incoherent language beside me.

‘’Hey…are you okay?’’ I ask and offer to help. I still can’t tell if it’s a dude or a lady. It would definitely be a dude. Those muscles were tight, too tight for a girl and ladies do not wear hoodies on a Monday.

‘’YOU THINK?!’’ the angry voice roar and stands up quickly. Pulling up the grey hoodie off the face, my eyes can’t register what I am seeing.

It is a lady!

A girl with really dull brown eyes; beautiful and breathtaking. Her lips are in a small shape and she is breathing through her mouth rapidly. She has a deep furrow buried in between her thick dark brows. She has the wicked look on her face like she could punch me right in my face.

Then I get so confused, she fell over me and she is angry. Who does that?

‘’Excuse me. But you pushed me. You should always watch where you are going. Young lady’’

‘’Ooh, don’t you ‘’young lady’’ me. I was watching where I was going. You were the one walking like a girl’’ she retorts.

I shoot an angry snare at her. She is so annoying. She is the one at fault and yet she is roaring and did she just call me a girl?!

‘’Hey! Watch it!’’ I fire back.

‘’Oh bite me! Dora the explorer!’’ she roars and walk off. I stand there for a while as blood drained from my face. That was probably the most annoying person I have ever met.

I watch her as she walks away; her sneakers laces dangling along with her. Quickly, I pick up my cross bag and walked into the garden. Fuming, I sit on one of the concrete bench and try to catch my breath. My birthday isn’t going as planned; first the article and now a psychotic girl roaring at me and calling me Dora the Explorer. Perhaps that should be my subject matter for my article.

I adjust my glasses and search my bag for my note pad, only for me to pull out several notepads filled with strange calculations and formulas.

I grumble hard as reality hit me. I swapped bags with her!

Could this day be any worse?


Thanks for reading READER! Like this post if you want the next episode posted before the end of this week. Thank you. And do not forget to embrace girl power.

Susanah. Xx.


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