I finished writing this 2:46am today after I slowed down my breathing because of anxiety. Adulting is not easy!

I live in Osogbo, an intimate town in Osun state and my whole life I have always dreamt of breaking out into the outside world. If you grew up in a small town – no matter where you are – there is this feeling of wanting to drag yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Being familiar with the regular all-purpose market, the regular eatery, the salon, the thrift market and every other place I get to visit once in a while here in Osogbo makes me want to branch out and experience new places and new things. 

I wish I have the chance to travel to the southern part of Nigeria, Enugu in particular. Maybe it’s because I have read a lot of Chimamanda Adichie’s novels but something about Enugu feels poetic.

I wish I have a job right now especially now that I am forced to be back home from school, a creative job where I can learn from more experienced people. One thing I love is learning, I believe life itself is a learning process. I love asking questions and getting to discover parts of me I didn’t know I had. 

I just believe there are layers of us all that we haven’t reached, which means there are so many possibilities we have not discovered. Isn’t that scary and exciting at the same time?

Anyway, this is my amateur way of saying I am bored and in need of a job ASAP!

It is also my one little way of bringing you into discovering parts of me that are challenging and insecure, because I am writing about home.

If we want to be honest, what pushes you to that panic mode? Any idea how your girl can get a make shift creative job during this dry strike period? Any idea please???



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