“I knew within my heart when I started this blog that I was going to rant more than usual to strangers whom I hope would understand me.”

Jokes apart guys,


Writing few notes on what feminists should understand

As a feminist,

loving high heels, make-up brushes and dresses does not mean should be taken less seriously. Since when has looking good been a crime? Confidence is bliss and those who have it wear it like an armor against those who only feel good about themselves by making others feel bad.

As a feminist,

wearing sneakers, no make-up, trousers does not mean you hate. It does not mean you are less of a female. There should be no sides to this femininity business. Everyone should be allowed to wear whatever he or she is comfortable in and still be percieved a person with a voice.

As a feminist,

having a career you care about should not mean you are not allowed to crave love, to want love, to own love, to start a family and support your partner. You should understand all humans have a right; a right to live, a right to choose. Nobody (NOBODY) should tag women who genuinely love to become stay-at-home-mums as ”basic” or ”lazy” or ”overly obsessed with their kids”. Hey! As some females do not desire to have a family, some do want to have a family. We just have to realize there are always going to be women who truly love motherhood and make their number one priority.

As a feminist,

the most important thing is that we should be able to choose which side we want and not be judged for our differences.

As a feminist,

loving your spouse does not make you weak. Being advised and supported by your wife or husband does not make you less of a man or woman. My God! where did this mentality emerge from? Would you rather be with someone who is not supportive in every way? Don’t we all need someone to lean on? Isn’t that the purpose of love in the first place?

We often hear this line ”This house and car was bought by my husband or boyfriend. I am so grateful” and we feel it is really romantic or loving or whatever adjective you choose to use to describe this but turn this around and hear,

”This car was bought by my girlfriend, she even paid the bill at our last date. She is the best!”

And tongues will start rolling with mixed comments like ”incompetent man” or annoying tags that we are rather familiar with. I really wish this was seen as a normal act of affection towards the people we love. It should not spark negative responses.

And if I hear anyone say things like ”men should be ashamed to be provided for by females” or ”only a man should be doing these things you cited as examples” I can punch you!

Who says all men have fragile egos? (this is an idea for a post. comment if you would love to read this!)

Okay, so I am done ranting. It got angry at a point, I know. Anger they say have a long way of bringing about a positive change.

Since the #menarescum had been raving all over social media, do you feel that there are still men who should not be placed under this ridiculous stereotypic umbrella of fragile egos.

There are scums, but the good ones should not be mythical creatures either. Feminism does not forbid a female embracing her feminine side.

what do you think about this?

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  1. You said something about feminist.
    I love girls who are feminist.

    I feel blessed by your writing right now.
    I found delight love and joy in what you just wrote about women. Though am a man but a women gave birth to me.  So I respect then a lot.

    I will love my own part of the contribution here and the feminist I have come across.

    Here is the little summary:

    I asked a Muslim girl who is my friend on Facebook, an Algerian  girl. She is a blogger also.  After a long chat we discussed some recent issues about women in the Society and likewise chinanmanda adichie a popular feminist in USA(the writer of purple hibiscus)

    So I throw up a question to her

    Question- Can you be a Feminist?

    Her answer(reply)
    One thing you should know about feminism is that there are many kinds of feminisms. Not all movements have the same goals and views. I can be a feminist. I might agree with some feminists like Adichie because they speak of troubles women go through in certain places and it makes sense. What I don’t agree with, though, is being a fanatical feminist, those who are fighting just for the sake of fighting. There needs to be a cause and as a Muslim woman, I fully believe that my religion has covered all what a woman needs to have. Islam assures all the rights of women and preserves them very well. So all what we need is to follow the rules of our conviction and work in accordance with them. And then we wouldn’t need a feminist movement at all. Thats my belief.

                                       Latina Khadidja

    Facebook-Latina Khadidja

    Her website-

    Again such a beautiful writing.

    I Enjoy such post about feminists. Keep the good work.

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  2. Wow, such a detailed opinion about feminism by Khadidja, I loved every bit of it. I do agree this movement has been defined into some many terms that people are forgetting the true purpose of it. Thank you for reading my posts. I appreciate


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