No need for long intros! Lets just dive in to the story. For a recap, click here.


Amma hissed, not bothering to even look, she grabbed a black cross-bag and walked away.

”Who does he think he is? Telling me I should watch where I am going. He better watch where he is going next time or a punch might land on his face!” She said to herself, angrily in Twi.

Amma walked towards the lake and sat on the grass, this was her favorite place. She would come here every other day when classes stretched too long or fatigue clouded her thoughts.  She sighed heavily, and peeled off her jacket slowly. She suddenly felt hungry. Her face lifted as she remembered she kept a sandwich in her bag. Quickly, she searched her bag and pulled out the stuffs in it.

A mini laptop, a note pad, bunch of old newspapers… wait! This isn’t my bag!

She rolled her eyes as she realized she picked the wrong bag. She had to get her bag back which meant seeing that awful guy again.

Roaring in anger and frustration, she stood up and walked towards the narrow lane. He couldn’t have gone that far, she thought. But she couldn’t find him nor trace which way he took.

This is a disaster, she said to herself.

She searched the bag again and saw an iPhone. She has always wished she could get one but she didn’t have such money. An image of a family popped up on the locked screen. They all looked beautiful and very happy…too happy.

She searched the call logs and decided to call her phone. She dialed it and it rang once before he picked up.

‘’I believe we have each other’s bag.’’ He murmured.

‘’Of course we do! Just meet me at the spot you fell over me, will you?’’ she answered and hanged up before he could say anything else. She walked slowly on the lane, waiting for him to show up.

Susanah. Xx.



7 thoughts on “MUSE AND MEMORIES 6

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  1. Created this account two months ago,i felt lost so i searched for random people. This was the first story i saw,the part of his birthday and all. I was really interested in reading but you know what? I searched for “muse” after two weeks and couldnt find it anymore,i was hurt cause i thought i wasnt following you. Not knowing i typed the wrong thing,seeing it again this morning has made me quite happy.

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    1. Aw, wow! This made my morning. I am so glad you found it. Welcome back fam!!! Its because of people like you I didn’t stop releasing new episodes. So thank you! I’d like to know your name though. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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