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MUSE – DANIEL I scowl at her cell-phone as she hangs up on me; the screen was neatley broken into two. I glance at my wrist-watch; it was 6:20 pm. I shouldn’t have left the coffee house in the first place. There is nothing I can do but to go get my bag and walk out of this whole day peacefully.

As I walk slowly, I thought I heard voices behind me. I increase my pace quickly. But they weren’t just voices; they were real people behind me. I have often heard about stories of people getting robbed and hijacked at quiet places during late hours in the school but I had never been in a situation like this. This is my first, my terrible first! Should I run or keep walking? Soon, an angry voice yells ‘’Wait there!’’

I can’t control my fear so I start to run. I look back to see two guys chasing me. I increase my speed and run towards the narrow lane. Soon, I sight the mean lady with my bag walking slowly towards me.

‘’Run!’’ I yell. But she rolls her eyes and folded her arms. I try grabbing her arm and urging her to run but she pulls me back and take control of my hand. The two guys stop abruptly and stage a fight.

‘’Give us your bags now, the two of you. Oya don’t waste our time jare!’’ they roared.

I struggle to release my arm from her but her grip was just too strong. Who is this girl because she is acting a lot crazy right now?!

She stares hard at them without saying a word. One of the two scary dudes move forward to push her away and I close my eyes in anticipation of an assault on a female. I wish I can fight them off but I am too scared to do anything but then I began to hear groans that weren’t feminine. I opened my eyes and saw the scary dudes rolling on the ground. 


The lady was standing with bloody fists over them, then she moves toward me and grabs her crossbag from me. She pulls out a bottle, she drinks some water and she spits it out – like some street fighter.

‘’OH MY GOD! That was insane! Where did you learn to fight that way?’’ I scream, just because I am in shock. She pulls me and we walk away from the narrow lane. Soon, we are in the midst of a lot of students, walking on the campus street.

She tosses me my bag and walk off. I run after her.

‘’Hey! Thank you for what you did back there’’ I say quickly, reaching for her arm. She steps away and gives me a cold stare. I raise my hands up.

‘’Only Fools walk through that lane alone in the evening.’’ She says, raising an eyebrow at me. Her voice is a lot cool when she is not yelling and I notice a bit of an accent.

‘’I didn’t know. Thank goodness you were there’’ I chuckle and stop myself when I notice she was frowning really hard at me.

‘’You have got moves! I have never seen a girl fight like that’’ I declare. She shakes her head vigorously and groans in exasperation and walks away. 

‘’Come on, wait. At least tell me your name!’’ I run after her again. She stops, sighs heavily and turned to me.

‘’I am Amma… just Amma’’

‘’Okay, just Amma, it was really nice meeting you’’ I say quickly. Her name sounds strange to my ears. I want to ask if she was Igbo but this lady wasn’t in the right mood for chit-chat. She nods and walks off, for good this time. I stand there as she walks away.

My God! I have never encountered a girl like that before. It was like she was out of this world. She is definitely out of this world. I have to know more about her, she could be my muse for my article. I quickly pull out my phone from my bag and save her number. 

I have three missed calls, each from my friends. Crap! I quickly run to the parking lot and jumped into my car.

LOL. This was so funny to write then a year ago, but I recently watched WONDER WOMAN and I now realise how cool it is to write about bad ass female characters who aren’t afraid to kick bully’s ass.

Thank you so much for reading. I would be posting the next chapter on Friday. 

Susanah. Xx.



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