Hey thanks for reading and sticking with these fictional characters. However, you would have to thread carefully from here


Amma thought the fight wasn’t as significant as the odd male in nerdy glasses made it out to be. But she felt a little bit proud of her skill as she remembered the bewildered look on his face. Amma thought he was strange, his collection of old newspapers, his oversized photo of his family on his wallpaper, his nerdy look and most importantly Amma couldn’t forget the look on his face when she called him Dora the explorer.

She raced to the bus stop to catch a cab home. As she got into the car, she pulled out her phone. It was 7pm already. She tapped her foot. It was past her curfew already. She immediately began to panic, she wished she hadn’t walked to the lake; she wouldn’t have met the strange male. 

She already perceived this night wasn’t going to go well with Michael. She checked her call logs and decided to delete the weird guy’s number. But as she stared at the number, she didn’t have the heart to delete it.

She chuckled as she remembered the look on his face as he was running towards her. She saved his number eventually, though she didn’t know his name. So she stored his name as ‘’Dora’’ instead. Wincing, she pulled out her sandwich in her bag. It wasn’t in a good shape anymore, so she tossed it out the window. 

Finally, the cab dropped her off on the street leading to her Uncle’s house where she lives. The neighbourhood was a little bit noisy, but everything sounded normal. Each house sparkled with yellow bulbs hung at the verandahs.  Amma leaped as she reached a pothole filled with muddy water. She greeted some neighbors that called out her name. She waved and replied in Yoruba. It was the least she could do as a neighbor; she wouldn’t want them to raise eyebrows about her introverted personality.

She was the young lady from Ghana living with an “heavyweight” Uncle. She was sure it would get tongues wagging; especially in a neighborhood like hers.

She coukd hear her oen heartbeat when she was few steps away from Michael’s house. It was a bungalow in a low cost housing estate.  She couldn’t tell him what kept her late, he wouldn’t believe her. There was no point. Her feet stopped working when she spotted the light inside the house. 

He was back! 

Not tonight…Please not tonight.

Swallowing hard, she walked towards the front porch and opened the door slowly. The living room was empty. But the TV was on, showing a music video. She peeped at the dining room adjacent the living room. It was empty as well. She heaved a deep sigh and dropped her key on the stool beside the TV shelf. Michael was be in his bedroom.

She knew better not to make any sound, so she tiptoed toward her room.

‘’Where were you?’’ The familair voice said.
In order to keep each episode as short as a blog post can be, I decided to cut this chapter short and post the first half. Please let me know if you would want me to post the next half tomorrow or wait till Monday. You all know I love reading your opinions.

Thank you for reading. 

Susanah. Xx.


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