With this image, I imagine a vast life for my character Amma who loves the peacefulness gardens and still waters bring her. Even though it is not rosy and perfect as this image, but like I said a girl can dream.


MUSE – (DANIEL)I tap my pen on the wooden slab in the class starring at the Lecturer right in front of me and the rest of the students. Amaka, Chima and Larry are sitting beside me chuckling lightly at the Lecturer’s comment on the assignment he gave us the previous class.

Last night turned out to be great, one of the best birthdays ever. I went back home after dropping Larry back in school. Amaka and Chima drove back to their apartment as well and I was in bed before midnight. However, Amma made it the most memorable birthday of all times. I tried calling her several times before now but she didn’t pick up. All I got from her was her name. No doubt I have to see her again. How?

“Never stop imagining” – Anonymous. 

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There is an alien feeling people get when something new happens to them and they realize they cannot shake the feeling neither can they explain it? This is an once-in-a-lifetime feeling and I am very sure that’s how I feel. Quickly, I pull out my phone and dial her number. Again, she didn’t pick up.

‘’Dan, you are okay?’’ Amaka whispers, touching my arm. She is sitting beside me. I nod and smile at her. She didn’t seem convinced but she smiles anyway.

‘’So I was thinking we could hang out today after classes, since Tuesday is usually your free day. We haven’t hanged out in a while.’’ She says again. We are sitting at the back seat of the huge lecture theatre and the Lecturer’s voice echoes loudly through the speakers.

‘’Uhmm, I can’t Amaka’’ I say slowly.

‘’Why not?’’ she asks, raising her eyebrow.

 I know I have to tell her a real reason but I cannot tell her about Amma yet. She’d freak.

‘’I have to work on the article so I need some quiet time’’ I say, biting my lips. I can see her face fall, but she smiles almost immediately.

‘’Okay. Cool’’ she shrugs and faces the lecturer squarely.

‘’Another time ehn?’’ I ask, giving her a puppy look. The one I usually use when I feel sorry about something or I need something from her. She rolls her eyes playfully and squeezes my knuckles – that meant “yes”.

Immediately the class ended, I was happy to walk away from the hall. Grabbing my bag, I contemplate on where to go. Usually I go to the café but I need to clear any thoughts about Amma off my head if I want to relax and think of an article to write. So I decide to go to the place we met. Though I dread going through that lane because of what happened here but it’s the only place I think I could meet her. 

I hop into my car and drive to the narrow lane. It is still early in the morning so people are still walking through it. This boosts my confidence. The ride was short, so I shrug on my backpack and walk toward the lane. I pull out my phone and I dial her number. It is ringing but she isn’t picking up. Clearly, she is ignoring my calls. 

I walk deeper through the path revealing a lake side. I have heard of this place but I haven’t been here before. It sure looks peaceful, even better than the garden where I relax and get inspiration to write; the clear green grass and few birds whistling; the clear, still water body and the sun shining mildly. This had to be where Amma came. She couldn’t have walked that far yesterday when she realized she had my bag.

I walk towards the clear green grass and what seems from a distance, I sight a lady sitting in front of a concrete bench and scribbling notes on her notepad with textbooks and notebooks surrounding her.




“Seriously?!’’ Amma grumbled as she felt her phone vibrate for the fifteenth time. It was the highest call she had ever received in her entire life and it was from a person she didn’t wish to meet again. She didn’t want to pick his calls. She was certain it was not a good idea.

That morning felt right after a two-hour-work out session. Michael later joined her in the gym, separately doing his work out and grunting as he punched the bag. They said no word to each other as they both worked separately in the large space. She felt pumped for the day. That’s what work-out did to her. She channeled everything she was feeling into it and she had a perfect body to show for it. She was in a high spirit when she got to school later on and simply stabbed her first class and went straight to the lake to enjoy some alone time, but the frequent calls from “Dora” kept disturbing her.

What does he want? She thought to herself.

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She decided not to pick his calls. To her, there was nothing males like that wanted from her. For the past three years, she had been solo; getting her good grades and kicking every strong formulas, tests and exams asses along with it. However, she could not ignore the feeling that he was different. In fact, he was the first person to be impressed about how she fought and defended herself; which in every way was weird to her. Others just went around teasing her. 

He seemed different. She caught herself smiling and scoffed. That wouldn’t change her mind about picking his calls. Nothing had changed. So she concentrated on working on some calculations to exercise her mind for the meantime. Then she heard movement from afar. She looked up and grumbled as she sighted the tall, dark intruder in glasses watching her from afar.

It was the odd male again! 

It was Dora the explorer!

Susanah. Xx.


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