I think it is high time I shared this post, don’t you think? I have been stalling this because I felt ”who cares?”

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  1. Yes, Susanah is my first name.

This is a funny way to start this list but I had to because I get this a lot. Many people naturally assume ‘Susanah’ is a nickname or a sort of exotic name I gave myself while in Uni – which is so weird and kind of funny. My birth name is Susanah Omohunola Ajiboye (II). I was named after my paternal grandmother whom I have been told I look like a lot. Perhaps this explains why I have an old soul.

  1. I love books.*

*However, I do not have the chance to read as many books as I would want. Hopefully I would own more books as I grow older. (I want to own a room for my books alone)

  1. Writing is what brings me joy.

Imagination comes easily to me; I imagine impossible things everyday plus I have been told I have an epic imagination.

  1. I love being in the kitchen.

Just because most of my best ideas have come to me while wiping off oil stains from a dish or while mixing maggi with iru (locust beans).

  1. I do not know how to hide what I feel.

You can read my emotions off my eyes. Trust me, this is both a blessing and a curse.

  1. Shy or Loud

It only depends on who I am with, my mood, and whether or not we have a close relationship with each other.

  1. I would love to dress and live a Bohemian lifestyle but my bank account details won’t let me.
  2. I love food

Good food that is. Also, I would love to live my life doing the things I love which are creating amazing arts and influencing people to do the same.

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with my body size; which I am learning to turn into love-only relationship.
  2. Attraction – I am immediately attracted to someone with a creative mind; both male and female. I really cannot explain this.

You know how much I detest long-ass post so I am going to stop here. It felt off while I thought of this because it is not my regular niche to talk about myself but I decided to switch things up this new month. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this, I would love to read your thoughts as well. MUSE AND MEMORIES will be back with a bang this month, thanks for all the support. Adupe o.

Susanah. Xx.


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