How hard can it be to find love and make it work especially when an issue like religion or ethnicity is getting in the way? Should it even matter? Just like race is a big deal in America, ethnicity is a big deal in Nigeria. I know a lot of people have been breaking that barrier of ethnicity differences between the ones they choose to spend their lives with, some do not even care about the religion either.


However, there seems to be a lot to be considered when the issue of a relationship between a typical Igbo lady and a Yoruba man comes up(of course there are many instances, let us just go with this). These young people might deeply love each other and connect at a deeper level without letting these differences get in their way, but what happens when the families of these couples do not understand their need to marry outside their ethnic group? Who knows what the future might hold especially for the kids, would they be forced to choose between the multiple culture they were born into?

Just like the colour of one’s skin should not be a factor to achieving one’s dream and aspiration (love included)

Should we just simply ignore these  little facts because they should not even matter in the first place since love trumps hate? Or are we to accept that some things are not going to change? Or am I alone in this thoughts?

Susanah. Xx.



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    1. You’ve gotten it Deshi! It can get really dramatic.. it is just sad that tribalism and class is so weighty in our society. As for eloping, LOL, that would cut off so many aso ebi cost.


  1. They say young love can be foolish and blind. And on and on.
    The parents that agitate for intra cultural marriages do that out of fear of the unknown. They believe they ought to know deeply well about the family their ward is going to fish a spouse. They fear they might lose their child to a farther place than they are. They fear. But the bottom line is that the continuous restriction of marriages to within cultural/tribal bounds hasn’t helped at all to combat the widespread intertribal issues bogging the black community.

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