The not too young to run bill was passed recently by the Senate,the bill which allows young Nigerians to contest for political positions in the country is a welcome idea as it seeks to allow us give our youth a chance to make Nigeria great again. 

In a country like ours where corruption has eaten deep into all structures and systems,one must look Critically the sudden urge in the numbers of youths who never cared about the country before, becoming interested in politics as some are already letting their intentions to run in the coming general elections known on social media.

We must ask a few questions this time to know if we are really ready to allow youths at the helms of power, although it is believed in many quarters that a youth driven country is a blessed country,but I disagree with this notion.Our nation presently faces a lot of challenges gotten from the society which is the followership that we all claim to belong to and claim is pious, the problem is not the old men controlled political class but the society itself that encourages corruption and adores those who engage in fraudulent acts. 

The average Nigerian youth born and bred under unfavourable conditions has grown up to become a more corrupt individual because he sees corruption all around him in the society and all those he looks up to as role models are corrupt people in the society.

We all must realise that before taking this great step of allowing the younger generation to rule we must inculcate in them first values of national importance including nationalism,patriotism,honesty,tolerance etc.We should not rush to give these newcomers power but make sure they are fit to rule before we hand our nation over to them. 

Taye Taiwo o. 

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What do y’all think about this recent bill passed? Do you feel Nigeria young adults will do better jobs in politics or not? Or is hope lost for our generation too?



Add yours

      1. You see. Susannah you’re young like me and you know very well young people like us want money. Any young person who has suffered univeristy life already has tendency to be corrupt even if they didn’t plan to. So it’s not necessarily young people we need, it’s young people with the right vision


      2. Of course, we need those who would turn things around. Not those who would leave the country in worst condition than they found it. I want change – a better change – but I do believe anyone can do this. But since the older people have been failing lately, why not give the rest a chance?


  1. Well written. This statement is true “the problem is not the old men controlled political class but the society itself that encourages corruption and adores those who engage in fraudulent acts”.
    As for your question, I feel youths can do better in politics but that depends on how ready the youths are. If they are angry enough to want to see an improved Nigeria, they wouldn’t be corrupt and would bring out policies that are free of selfish interests. But then again, with the way things are and the way youths seem to be distracted and sometimes don’t know what they want and yes let’s not forget most want easy way to success, fast money, I’m not so sure.

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