Deeply sorry for the long pause, things have been so slow down here. Here is a continuation on the fiction series. Muse and Memories.

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She looks up and sights me. Her face is filled with fury. I wish she didn’t see me. I could watch her for hours. She was deeply engrossed with whatever she was doing. Scribbling very fast in her note pad and punching the calculator almost at the same time.

‘’I didn’t mean to disturb you’’ I say quickly, placating with my hands.

‘’Well you did. What do you want? Why have you been calling my number non-stop?’’ she asks, dropping her pen and frowning at me.

I walk towards her at a slow pace. I am  clearly scared of her. After what I saw her do to those guys, I wouldn’t take the risk. But I still don’t know why I haven’t run for the heels though. Why I am still dying to know her beyond ‘’just Amma”?

Are you going to say something or just stand there all day?’’ she asks, folding her arms. Her mouth curves in a beautiful shape and even though she is frowning, she looks really beautiful.

‘’Do you always have to be rude?” I blurt out. I can’t believe I just said that. She is visibly shocked but doesn’t say a word. So I continue talking.

‘’Listen, I am not looking for trouble, I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. You saved my ass. It was really crazy to believe someone like you actually existed; definitely not in a place like this. But here you are, in flesh and blood. However your attitude is just for a lack of better word, whack!’’

‘’My attitude is whack? Are you kidding me?’’ she retorts, standing on her feet and standing right in front of me. Her face is filled with disgust and shock. But that won’t stop me from talking. Not at this point.

‘’No I am not actually. You ran into me and pushed us both on the floor. I was being polite but you began calling me names and now I am trying to thank you for what you did and you are just… I don’t know.

‘’I am sorry if I disturbed your reading. I hate that too; but give me a break for trying to be a nice person.’’

With this, I walk away. I don’t know if I really want to just go and not talk to her again. Still, my legs kept moving. Chai! My impulse won’t seize to amaze me.

‘’What do you hate?’’ she calls out, her voice sounds shaky.

I rejoice inwardly before turning to face her.  She has a mellowed expression on her face – like she feels sorry.

‘’Well, I am a writer so I hate being disturbed when I am having my quiet moment.’’ I respond, walking slowly towards her.

‘’Writer… what do you write?’’ she asks, releasing her slender but tight arms.

‘’Mostly articles and pieces suitable for blogs and media platforms’’ I reply.

‘’Cool’’ she says.

‘’Thank you’’ I reply, letting out a small smile and a sign of relief.

She sinks on the green grass again and folds her two legs. She bends her head and begins scribbling notes in her notepad; like nothing just happened.

‘’That’s it?’’ I ask, chuckling.

‘’What?’’ she asks, raising an eyebrow.

I chuckle again; I don’t know what to say to justify how funny her attitude is. So I just start a new conversation. I stare down at her, she is busy scribbling. So I move forward to get a better view. Then, I notice she is working on some calculations which seemed to be tough and complicated. I have never been a fan of mathematics.

‘’Wow, that looks really… hard’’ I say slowly. She looks up and sighs. I am really disturbing her peace. But I do not want to go. I have come this far.

‘’It is a topic on engineering mathematics.’’ She finally says. She drops her pen and closes her books.

‘’Oh, so you are an engineering student?’’ I ask

‘’Nah, Mathematics’’ she says, shrugging.

‘’Whoa!’’ I blurt. Can she seize to amaze me?

‘’Yeah… you can make fun of me.’’ She answers, still frowning.

‘’ No, am not. It is really impressive. Wait o; are you the famous Amma Darko of the Mathematics department? You have won merits and award for the department. I have heard about you ’’

‘’I guess… but more like infamous Amma Darko.’’ She snorts, paying more attention to her pen rather than to me.

‘’Geez! You are really good. Now it makes sense, you are not a Nigerian. When I heard your name yesterday, I thought it was Amaka, one of my friends bears that name – she is Igbo. I wrote an article on your class during our second year. Most of your colleagues are really good, but the lecturers were all about you. I remember. I just didn’t know who I was writing about because you—‘’

‘’Because I never showed up for the interview’’ she cut in. I stop talking and stare at her dull brown eyes. They are beautiful; her skin glows under the black round-neck top only if she would smile. I bet she has a beautiful smile too.

‘’No, you didn’t’’ I finally say.

There was a bit of silence between us. But it wasn’t a silence of awkwardness; it was a silence pregnant with words and questions, waiting to be birthed by our mouths.

I sit beside her, just in front of the concrete bench. Then, I can’t stop staring at her.

‘’Okay, do you have anything to do other than sit here with me?’’ she finally says, looking at the lake in front of us.

‘’Actually, I came here in search of you to thank you but I also didn’t expect to find you here this early’’

‘’So now that you have seen me, anything else?’’ she asks, folding her arms, still starring at the still lake.

‘’Wow, your boyfriend must be so used to your cold attitude.’’ I scoff, folding my arms too.

She presses her lips into a thin line and says nothing. She is a thrill to watch. Keeping everything bottled up inside of her. I am dying to know what she is thinking about.

‘’You don’t have a boyfriend, do you?’’ I ask, gently.

She bites her lower lip and shakes her head. She is still frowning.

‘’It’s no big a deal, you know. I too, don’t have a girlfriend’’ I say, picking a pebble and throwing it into the lake. I watch it make a few ripples on the waters. She scoffs and does the same. Only that her aim is better than mine and the water makes a loud noise as she throws the pebble in it.

‘’Show off!’’ I mutter, with a faux snare on my face. She chuckles and let a small smile land on her face. Even though she looks away quickly, it is definitely the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.

Really beautiful!

‘’Ope o, aseoti e le rerin’’ I say happily, slipping into Yoruba. I am not sure she understands the language.

‘’So?’’ she replies, obviously she has spent a while in South-west region of Nigeria.

‘’That was the first. You have never smiled since I met you’’

‘’Well, considering the fact that our first meeting was whack, you don’t expect me to smile at you’’ she says, rolling her eyes.

‘’I am sorry about that though’’ I reply.

‘’Apology not accepted’’ she says firmly, shaking her head profusely.

‘’Ahn-ahn now, okay why not?’’ I ask, raising my hands up in the air in defeat.

‘’Apology not accepted until I say so’’ She answers.

‘’Hmm, fine. Whatever you say’’

‘’Cool’’ she says and faced the lake again, squarely. Slowly, I pull out my phone from my pocket and quickly take a photo of her. Realizing this, she gasps and opens her mouth to talk but rather resolves into punching me on my shoulder. I quickly stand up and move away from her but she chases me and tries to seize my phone from me. Luckily, I did not let her. So she groans with frustration and just punches me again. Then, she walks away from me to her seat.

‘’Ow! That hurts.’’ I yell.

‘’Well, next time don’t take photos of me without telling me’’ she grumbles, packing her books into her bag.

‘’Whoa, you are not leaving me here, are you?’’ I ask. She stops walking and turns to face me.

‘’Isn’t it obvious?’’ she says, raising an eyebrow.

‘’Just admit it’’ I say with a smirk on my face.

‘’Admit what?’’ she asks, folding her arms and frowning.

‘’That you had fun with me in just few minutes more than you do in a normal day and seeing me today would be the highlight of your day and perhaps your week’’ I reply, walking toward her not loosing eye contact.

She opens her mouth to say something but she stops and bites her lip instead. She shakes her head and turns her back.

‘’Will you be here tomorrow? I would like to hang out with you a bit more… a lot more actually’’ I ask quickly, to stop her. She groans and turns to face me again.

‘’What makes you think I am the right person to hang out with? I am sure you have your cool friends’’ she says, shrugging.

‘’Because, Amma, I know what I want’’ I say with reassurance.

‘’And what do you want?’’

‘’I want to hang out with you tomorrow and I want to keep annoying you till you agree I am the highlight of your day’’

‘’You are not the highlight of my day!’’ she protests, fuming.

‘’Na so’’ I raise my eyebrow.

She sighs with frustration and gives up.

‘’Fine!’’ she says, walking away.

I smile and watch her walk away. Then, she stops and faces me. Her gaze is sharp and her dull brown eyes were starting to show some color in the early morning sunlight.

‘’Who are you? I mean your name?’’ she murmurs.

‘’I am Daniel Oke…just Daniel’’ I reply, smiling.

She scoffs and walks away finally and I could see a little smile again as she walked away.


That ended well, more than I could have ever imagined. Seeing her smile was the highlight of my morning. She is one of those girls you read about and watch in movies; they act all tough on the outside to cover up their soft, sweet and sensitive parts of their heart.

She is an inspiration. I really feel like I have an idea on what my article is going to be about. My Editor-In-Chief said it has to be news-worthy and appealing to all readers.

Smiling, I sit down at the very spot she sat and pull out my laptop; I can feel it within me that I just got rid of my writer’s block.


Thanks for reading as always. Where do you think this story is headed? I would love to read your thoughts.

Susanah. xx.


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