In this post, I think I wrote about my obsession with imagination. Well, what if this is the side effect of it? Read on to judge this by yourself.


My mother is a nurse specialized in Psychiatry; which means she is trained to analyze every action of her patients. She never stops talking about how important it is to take care of ones mental health and the danger that comes with losing ones sanity.

Shout out to her by the way!

However, we are talking about me today, okay? There are many times she has caught me talking to myself and she would tell me to stop or reduce it. Maybe because she finds out I spend time with myself a lot of times and half of that time is dedicated to me talking to the mirror; thinking out loud and letting out the things I am feeling.

Am I crazy?

Or am I the only one who catches herself imagining being interviewed by her favorite role model in the world and answering questions about my interests and ambitions?

Do you do it too?

I recently did a bit of research about talking to oneself and what I learned was that it is actually a healthy sign of sanity until it is used negatively.

Honestly, if you want to talk to yourself you should be saying positive words to yourself. This is the only time you actually have the power to control what is being said to you. Do you dig? You should not still be saying negative words or repeating all traits that make you sad.


I try every single day to avoid putting myself down with my own words. You have the say on those who hurt you… even if the person is YOU!

I know you have caught yourself once or perhaps twice talking yourself. Are you like me who do it often? And do you avoid talking shit about yourself? Lets connect down the comment section pretty please?

Susanah. XX.


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